Network Rail – Evenbreak’s new corporate sponsors!

Adrian Thomas, Network Rail and Jane Hatton, Evenbreak
Adrian Thomas, Network Rail and Jane Hatton, Evenbreak

Evenbreak has been successful in attracting a number of large employers, and I was thrilled when Network Rail decided to go one step further by becoming our corporate sponsors.

Network Rail run, maintain and develop Britain’s rail tracks, signalling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and 17 key stations. They took over the responsibility of the UK rail network in 2002 and have since implemented many improvements.

As an employer they are keen to attract the best talent, and have recognised that it is necessary to actively reach out to some groups who might not have traditionally have thought of engineering as a career. Overwhelmingly over the years, the majority of external applicants to Network Rail have been male, white and non-disabled. Working towards creating a more diverse workforce is high on the agenda, and they are putting into place long-term strategies to attract and retain a wider range of people. This includes reviewing their attraction and recruitment strategies and also using positive action where appropriate.

They heard about Evenbreak and the work we do in helping inclusive employers attract additional disabled candidates to add to their talent pool, and immediately recognised the benefits this could give to Network Rail. Advertising on Evenbreak gives the very strong message that an employer is serious about wishing to attract more disabled candidates, but Network Rail decided to take it one step further and become a corporate sponsor. The publicity surrounding this decision has helped in promoting Network Rail as an employer committed to attracting, retaining and developing disabled people as an important part of the workforce.

Adrian Thomas, Head of Resourcing at Network Rail, said, “We are keen to attract the best people from a wide range of sources, including pools of talent we may not have accessed before. Our partnership with Evenbreak is pivotal in helping us attract talented disabled people for a wide range of roles within Network Rail.”

I am delighted that a company as large and successful as Network Rail has understood the contribution that Evenbreak can make in helping them attract a more diverse workforce. It’s an exciting partnership and I’m very much enjoying working with them.

4 thoughts on “Network Rail – Evenbreak’s new corporate sponsors!

    1. I agree that workforce is a group term so I tend to think about it on the basis of siklls and that is where I think you can find the nexus between workforce development and talent development. Workforce development attempts to identify and promote the development of the siklls that are needed for a country to be competetive in the marketplace. Talent development ideally would align the individual development activities with this need. What I think has become out of sync is the time horizon. The critical siklls that are needed are changing more rapidly than we can train and develop.


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