Review – Get That Job

This book is not written specifically with disabled job seekers in mind, but I think it is a brilliant resource for anyone searching for work. Just to be transparent, I do know the author, but have no affiliation links, so I don’t gain anything by reviewing her book, other than the satisfaction of having shared a resource I think people will find extremely useful.

The book is more of a manual, or a workshop, than a book. It takes the reader, by the hand, through every stage in the job seeking process. It includes important parts of the process which can easily be forgotten, like taking time to really identify your skills, work values, occupational interests and so on, so that you can decide what kind of job or career you might like to aim for that you might not have thought about previously.

The author is highly qualified to take you through this journey. Lynn has 20 years experience as a career management practitioner and uses that experience to help people through career transitions. Maybe just as importantly, she has used this process herself. Suddenly widowed, leaving her with two young children and a struggling business, Lynn was suddenly faced with the decision about what to do with the rest of her life. She understands the trauma of unexpected life changes and how that can make someone feel.

The book covers the following areas:

  • All you need is a goal (forming a strategy and action plan)
  • Who are you? (what makes you tick?)
  • What have you done so far? (building a CV)
  • Could you work alone? (is self-employment for you?)
  • I really want a job (job search strategy)
  • Using the internet (using social media to find a job)
  • Excelling at interviews (preparing for those hard questions)
  • Conclusion (making it happen)

The book is full of practical exercises which means you can tailor it to your exact circumstances. There is a wealth of useful information but it isn’t overwhelming, as it is divided into logical sections. The real beauty of the book is that it doesn’t just focus on tips and techniques (although it’s full of both) but it acknowledges the feelings side of the process as well. And maybe one of the main benefits is that it would be impossible to go through the exercises suggested without your confidence being boosted quite significantly – and confidence is a much-needed quality when facing rejection and uncertainty, and will definitely out the job seeker at an advantage. If you have confidence in your ability to do the job, your future employer may well have confidence in you.

My only criticism would be that the print is quite small in parts, so may require some strong magnification for those with visual impairments.

Apart from that I would thoroughly recommend this book to all who are looking for a job in this very difficult climate – it will give you an unfair advantage over other applicants.

Learn more here – Get That Job

Get That Job
Get That Job – Lynn Tulip

3 thoughts on “Review – Get That Job

  1. I agree – it’s an excellent book and very well written. As for people with visual impairments, perhaps there will be a “talking book” version of this title available at some point?


    1. Thank you for such a lovely review, and I do hope that the book is of help.

      With regard to the text size, I was rather surprised myself to see it so small – my first learning point on self-publishing. Apologies for that but valuable feedback, thanks.

      One way that it may be rectified is on the kindle version which should be available very shortly where text size can be increased.

      All the tables and exercises are kindle format friendly.

      Don’t forget, I am happy to review CVs so would be more than pleased to support Evenbreak job seekers.


      1. Thanks Lynn, that’s a very kind offer.

        The kindle version will be well-received, I’m sure. My mother cannot manage a conventional book because of co-ordunation and also welcomes the opportunity to increase the font size to a comfortable size for her.

        The content of the book is the most important thing, and I think even seasoned job seekers will find new ideas in there. Thank you for writing it – it is a valuable and helpful resource.


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