Best Practice Case Studies: E.ON (2)

Today is the International Day for Disabled People, and the theme for this year is removing barriers. At Evenbreak, every day is the day for disabled people, and our employers feel the same – working hard to remove barriers which might prevent them from accessing talented disabled people.

Last week we shared the story of Miriam and how E.ON had enabled her to use her skills as part of their team. This week E.ON share the story of Steve, another person who has benefitted from E.ON’s determination to be as inclusive an employer as possible. E.ON have gained the prestigious “Proud to be Clear Assured” award which recognises the work they have put into ensuring their recruitment processes are accessible and inclusive.


Steve has worked for E.ON for over 2 years and is currently working for Business Retention within our Sales business.

Prior to joining E.ON, Steve worked as a regional sales manager for two large firms before suffering complications associated with his diabetes, including renal failure, 93% loss of his vision and requiring a below the knee amputation. Steve joined E.ON two years ago, after attending an open day, which allowed him to experience life at E.ON and meet our employees. Steve says “I was attracted to E.ON as it is a large, forward-thinking organisation with the facilities and capability to support me. Knowing that E.ON is Clear Assured and working towards the ‘Two Ticks’ standard enabled me to feel confident that my disability would not disadvantage me and that I’d be interviewed if I met the minimum criteria.”

We’ve supported in acquiring a number of adjustments for Steve, including a large computer screen, an Agilo magnification camera and software, and a task lamp which emits white light, making it easier for Steve’s eyesight to adjust. “E.ON are aware that you need support, are very accommodating and try to manage your expectations” says Steve. “As an employer they treat everyone very fairly and when things aren’t working they try to put it right, continually aspiring to do better.”


Here is another example of an employer going out of their way to encourage disabled people to apply to work for them, knowing that they will access a largely untapped pool of talent this way. Many disabled people think very carefully about which employers to apply to, having had poor experiences in the past. E.ON not only attract disabled applicants, but follow through with genuine actions to ensure that people can utilise their talents fully within the workplace, feeling as valued as all staff there.


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5 thoughts on “Best Practice Case Studies: E.ON (2)

  1. E.On are doing a grand job with their two ticks. It’s good to see another example along with the modifications and adjustments provided that make Steve a valued team member.


  2. I didn’t know that the ‘two ticks’ organisation was called Clear Assured – I’m glad to know it exists, but it’s not an easy name to remember (unlike The Plain English Campaign, for example).


  3. Thanks Jackie – no, they are two separate things. The “two ticks” disability symbol is administered by Jobcentre Plus.

    There is a company called The Clear Company who offer a benchmarking tool called ClearAssured, and getting that “badge” is a very rigorous process. Many companies have two ticks, but very few ClearAssured yet.

    I hope that clears it up!


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