Evenbreak’s candidates – the talent that employers need

I love running Evenbreak. It is a real privilege to be working with employers who genuinely understand the value of the largely untapped talent pool filled by disabled people. And even more so, it is fantastic working with that talent pool. As a former employer and as a disabled person myself I can relate to both groups of people. Today I want to focus on our candidates.

A quick analysis of our registered candidates tells me that they are an incredibly diverse group of people, as you would expect, with an enormous range of skills and talents. We have candidates who love working with people looking for customer service roles, and candidates who are experienced in managing multi-million pound construction projects. Candidates who have recently left school or college or university, and others who have many years experience in senior management positions. 10% of our registered candidates have at least one degree. Our candidates have a wide range of disabilities, but a much, much wider range of abilities. Each will thrive in the right job with the right employer.

But what do they think of Evenbreak? We conducted a survey of registered candidates recently, and the findings were very interesting. 94% said the site was very accessible, with a number saying that Evenbreak is the only job board they have found that they can use independently (pleasing for us, but a bit shocking to hear – shouldn’t every job board be accessible to disabled candidates in 2013?). 90% said they would recommend Evenbreak to other disabled jobseekers. The most common compliments were the accessibility of the site, the credibility of the site (some people liked that it was run by a disabled person who understood the challenges), and the fact that the site was simple and easy to use with no distracting gimmicks. The most common, in fact the only, complaint (but cited by many) was that the choice of jobs on the site is too limited. I absolutely agree – I wish we had a far greater choice of roles for this very diverse group of talented people to choose from.

My hope for our candidates is that more and more employers who are genuinely seeking to attract more disabled candidates will advertise a wider range of roles on Evenbreak – giving those employers a much better chance of increasing the diversity of their workforce at all levels. Every candidate I have spoken to is very eager to work and put their many skills into practice. Many have been rejected due to their disability, time and time again. They just need an employer who is enlightened enough to look beyond their disability and see the skills and qualities and talents they have to offer, and give them a fair chance to prove themselves.

Could you be that employer?

To advertise jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/employers/

To find jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/jobs/

To make a donation to Evenbreak go here – https://localgiving.com/charity/evenbreak


2 thoughts on “Evenbreak’s candidates – the talent that employers need

  1. “Our candidates have a wide range of disabilities, but a much, much wider range of abilities.” < That's a great line and an excellent point. I hope employers take it on board.


  2. I agree with Jackie, that’s a very powerful way of turning perceptions about disability on their head. Your candidate bank is a huge potential resource of motivated individuals with very useful abilities.


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