Guest blog:Recruiting Diverse Talent

Today’s blog is from America, and is written by Jakoyah Clarke, who is a talent branding and acquisition professional with a foundation in marketing and strategic planning. She is known for implementing creative sourcing methods and using social media to attract and hire valuable, diverse talent. Jakoyah is committed to contributing to company objectives, increasing department efficiency and elevating the employment brand. She is a passionate Recruitment Consultant and Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and is dedicated to continuing to add value to her company and clients.  Here is her blog:

Diversity recruitment is important to a company’s overall talent acquisition strategy. But, when most think of diversity recruitment, only gender and ethnic minority groups come to mind. How about the number of disabled people in the workforce?

With 15.2 percent of workers with disabilities in the United States in 2011, why don’t we hear more about the hiring of disabled professionals? This could be attributed to a perceived level of difficulty that recruiters associate with targeting disabled professionals. An effective diversity recruitment effort aimed at attracting the disabled population requires consistent effort, but your company will realize the results and reap the benefits of increasing its talent pool by including disabled workers.

Get Involved

To create an effective diversity recruitment effort, one that includes recruiting disabled professionals, start by doing your research. Look for local and online disabled professionals networking and support groups that you can leverage to make the disabled community aware of your efforts. Share with them your company’s inclusive culture and business objectives. Craft a diversity recruitment strategy that offers specific actions you and your team plan to take in order to target disabled professionals.

The diversity recruitment strategy should include active networking, consistent engagement and participation both within the community and online. These efforts combined will increase this talent segment’s overall awareness of your company’s efforts.

Interacting with community-based organizations is an effective means of engaging with your target audience. Attend local organization meetings and ask the leaders of these groups to mention job opportunities to its members. Maybe they can be included in monthly newsletters. Even offer to do a presentation about your company to its members to share potential opportunities you’re offering. In these groups participate in any local events, ask if your company can participate or be a sponsor.

If there aren’t many local groups to engage with, look online for disabled professional groups. Establishing and maintaining relationships with your target audience whether in-person or by remaining active in related online discussions and chats, will keep your company top-of-mind within the disabled professionals community. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals for these contacts.

Posting on job boards for disabled professionals will provide a valuable source for a constant stream of additional candidates. In addition, governmental and educational institutions and associations can assist you in delivering your message.

A multichannel sourcing strategy with a focus on diversity that includes disabled professionals will not only increase your talent pool, but open your eyes to new possibilities for your company.

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