Evenbreak walks the talk!

I’d like to introduce you to Lewis. Lewis is 16 and has ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so severely that he has been unable to attend school for the past six years. His conditions mean that even home-schooling was restricted to four hours a week spread over the week, and he would become exhausted after each half hour lesson. As a result, at the age of 16, he had no GCSEs and no work experience, was unable to go out to work, and even working from home would only be able to work for a few hours a week, spread out throughout the week. His careers counsellor told him he would find it very difficult to find work, but he could always get a sick note. He had been effectively written off, at sixteen.

However, Lewis is also very bright and has a huge desire to contribute as much as he can. Despite his physical limitations he was determined not to spend the rest of his days as an invalid. He is continuing with his education, recently achieving great results in an English exam. He is good with computers, conscientious, has great attention to detail and would be a loyal employee. But what could he do?

Thankfully, he heard about Evenbreak, and a discussion ensued. As we talked, I was wracking my brains trying to think of what kind of work Lewis could do, and quickly realised that he could be really helpful to me! Much of my time is spent doing data entry work (inputting jobs onto the Evenbreak job board), which is vital, but time-consuming. It would make a huge difference to me if someone could do that for me, leaving me to do all the other things I also need to do.

Lewis was interested, and I trained him remotely over the ‘phone using our computers (our respective disabilities make it difficult for either of us to travel). It immediately became apparent that Lewis was keen, and picked things up quickly. I offered him the role of Data Entry Clerk, at a decent hourly rate, and he immediately accepted.

We have both learned as we have gone along, and we find that Lewis finds it easier to concentrate for short periods of time, so will work for no longer than half an hour at one sitting, spreading his hours over the week. Since his appointment in April this year, Lewis has proved to be excellent. His accuracy has always been spot on, and his speed has picked up as he has gained confidence and got used to the role. I know he is doing as much as he is physically able and he always keeps me informed with progress, doing overtime when he is able to. He is a real asset to Evenbreak, and employing him was definitely one of my better decisions.

I asked Lewis’ permission to write this blog about him, and how he felt about his work at Evenbreak. He said, “I had previously worried whether I would ever be able to work – that no-one would employ me with all my health problems. Now I feel proud that I am doing such an important job, and feel much more confident than I used to. The job is flexible and I can work from home around my health issues. I feel happy and it has given me hope!”

I recognise that Lewis is destined for bigger and better things in the future, but in the meantime I’m very much enjoying him being such an important part of the Evenbreak team.

To advertise jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/employers/

To find jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/jobs/

To make a donation to Evenbreak go here – https://localgiving.com/charity/evenbreak

15 thoughts on “Evenbreak walks the talk!

  1. I’m doing voluntary work in my town on employment, especially for young people, and know how tough it can be, so this is really good news. Well done to all!


  2. It’s great that Lewis relates to the work as important, that’s one of the key job satisfaction metrics that comes out of any survey on the subject.

    Great work Evenbreak.


  3. Dear Jane

    As the proud parents of Lewis, we just wanted to thank you for making Lewis so happy, the lovely comments you have written so very proud of him. Can not thank you enough for giving Lewis this wonderful opportunity. You have really helped to boost his self esteem and you Jane and Evenbreak, have given Lewis the flexibility that he needs for to help him succeed and hope for his future, when other people would written him off or not give him a chance he so deserves. You are both Inspirations too us all and we feel very privileged that you have given Lewis the chance too Shine!

    A Heartfelt thank you again Jane


    Sophie & Roger Sleep


  4. Thanks Sophie and Roger – Lewis is a delight to work with, and must have got his sheer determination and work ethic from somewhere – I blame the parents!!

    Evenbreak is getting just as much benefit from Lewis as he is from Evenbreak – it’s a true win/win situation. He is far too young and far too talented to be written off – I see a good future for him.


    1. Thank you Jane that’s lovely too hear :0) You will never know how much difference you have made to Lewis.

      like you said a win win situation.

      Sophie & Roger


  5. Congratulations Lewis form your family in Trinidad
    Great news hope things get better and better for you
    Your mum and dad must be so proud
    Love and kisses


  6. Jane, you are inspirational to all! Lewis congrats on your new job- sounds like you do fantastic work and good luck for the future!


  7. Dear Jane
    Thank you for writing such a nice blog about me, I am so happy and proud and I enjoy my job and working for you!
    Just think if you hadn’t of done your webinar at Nisai Virtual Academy, I wouldn’t even be working for you now and I wouldn’t have known about you or Evenbreak!
    I am grateful to you Jane, Evenbreak and Nisai you all are helping me to reach my highest potential!
    Two superstars now!
    Thank you for the comments everyone!

    Lewis Sleep 😉


  8. Good news!! It is very encouraging that you have created this opportunity, Jane, and that you, Lewis, have, siezed it. I am also heartened by the amount of support and positive messages from all those who have commented on the original post.
    Peter Taylor


  9. This is a great blog entry – how wonderful to see Lewis doing so well and showing everyone, but most importantly himself, exactly how capable he truly is! It’s always a pleasure to hear what he has been up to, such a motivated and mature attitude is an inspiration and reminds me why Evenbreak is such a wonderful organisation.

    Thanks so much to Jane for this blog, and for all of the work you put in, and to Sophie for passing it on to myself and my colleagues – lovely news like this gives us even more drive to do our very best to support students like Lewis, and to never underestimate what they are capable of.

    Great work!


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