Disability Scholarship Program 2016 – Beijing and Shanghai

Our friends at the British Council have asked us to share this opportunity with you:

CRCC Asia – British Council 

Disability Scholarship Program 2016 

CRCC Asia is delighted to be offering two scholarships for an internship with the British Council in Beijing and Shanghai. The scholarships are designed specifically for students with a disability, bringing the experience to those who may not previously have had an opportunity to live and work in China.

The successful applicants will undertake a two month business placement at the British Council in Beijing or Shanghai between June and November 2016. The interns will live in the centre of each city, gaining transferable business skills and hands-on experience whilst working in an international setting.

What’s Included? 

– Accommodation 

– Pre-Departure Assistance and Visa Processing 

– Business and Networking Events 

– Chinese Language Classes 

– Support Network 

– Social and Cultural Events 

CRCC Asia and the British Council have not only provided me with an opportunity of a lifetime but they have also shaped my future forever. I could never have hoped for a more enriching experience; my confidence as a hearing impaired individual has been boosted with membership of equality, diversity and inclusion groups and participation in events, such as a China-UK conference in Cardiff as part of CRCC Asia’s alumni. 

(Laura Gillhespy, 2015 Disability Scholarship winner) 

The scholarships will be awarded based on applicants’ responses to three short essay questions, their interest in China, and an academic reference. Applications close on 1 April 2016.

Apply now at http://www.crccasia.com/disability-scholarship/

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