Spotlight on Talent

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Does Michael have the strengths and skills you’re looking for? It’s incredibly hard to recruit objectively. To help, we’re showing snapshots of talented candidates to help employers put talent first.

Introducing Michael…


An ambitious and highly adaptable manager with significant experience in both the private and public sector within the UK and overseas.

Skills and Qualities:

  • Project management
  • Highly organised, accurate & analytical
  • Skilled people manager
  • Complex case management experience
  • Team focused with a collaboartive approach
  • Trainer with CELTA teaching qualification
  • IT proficient with experience in social media and marketing


  • 13 years experience as a Detective in the Metropolitan Police Force
  • Overseas business owner across three different sectors
  • Travelled worldwide as a complex Case Manager
  • Managed an educational facility with circa 1k students

Looking for:

“I’m looking for an office based role, working either remotely or within an accessible building in the  Brighton and Hove area. I’m driven, successful and an excellent communicator. I’m confident I have the skills and ability to work efficiently within multiple sectors and roles.”

To find out more about Michael email

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