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Does John have the strengths and skills you’re looking for? It’s incredibly hard to recruit objectively. To help, we’re showing snapshots of talented candidates to help employers put talent first.

Introducing John…


A highly ambitious Digital Media graduate searching for opportunities in digital design and multimedia. Competent and experienced in multimedia, web design, administration and computer applications, I also possess a creative and artistic skill set which would benefit various disciplines and industries.

Looking for:

“I am looking for a multimedia job (video editing, web/graphic design, concept art, 2D/3D animation) with an inclusive employer. Happy to relocate.”

Technical Skills:

• Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Animate, Dreamweaver, InDesign)
• WordPress, Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Project), Wix, Google Analytics
• Maya, Cinema 4D, Prezi, Hootsuite, Pro Tools, Processing, Integra


UHI Shetland College/DYW Shetland
Digital Media/ICT Assistant
• Creating video and graphic content for DYW Shetland
• Official videographer for 2019 Careers Event Shetland at Anderson High School
• Animating shorts for Care Careers 

Mind Your Head
Volunteer Analyst
• Compiling market research information on Excel spreadsheets via Google Analytics

Shetland Inter-Club Yachting Association
Web Designer
• Creating a website on Wix to upload records of winning yachts and trophies from regattas
• Digitising old photographs creating pages
• Creating an official Facebook page for Inter-Club members to communicate digitally

Scotland’s Churches Trust
Digital Media Assistant
• Creating and uploading short church videos on their social media through Hootsuite
• Filming and photographing events supported by the Trust
• Creating motion graphics with photographs

Shetland Islands Council
Clerical Administrative Assistant
• Adding, editing and removing information on Energy and Fuel Consumption databases
• Organising financial records and archiving

To find out more, we asked John a few questions…

What are your personal strengths and qualities?

I am not afraid of hard work and very keen to learn new skills.  Since graduating, I have been taking online courses to maintain my multimedia skills whilst applying for jobs.  Some of them revolve around graphic and web design with InDesign and Dreamweaver, respectively.  Other courses are around the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Dreamweaver and InDesign.  Recently, I took on more courses to enhance my capability with 3D modelling and animation.  They include Maya, Blendr and Unity.

I am usually reserved as an employee or student, generally focusing on the task in hand.  But I am always open for friendly communication, a challenging skill that I developed during university. I am a willing team player, compliant and respectable, so I would never cause any strife within a workplace or team.

What do people you’ve worked or volunteered with, say about you?

I have been complimented on my reliability, timekeeping and my capability with the specialist multimedia skills that I bring to the job.

 What skills do you have to share?

My main skills are in multimedia, including videography, animation and photography.  In terms of software, I usually work with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Animate) I also work with Autodesk Maya for any 3D projects.

I am also qualified and experienced in administration and IT, having plentiful experience with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Project)

I have a great interest in researching world geography and cultures.  I am also interested in learning different languages and can already speak German and Norwegian.

What kind of work are you seeking?

The major benefit of having a Digital Media degree is that I get to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in multimedia, an industry that I am passionate about.  I would gladly work for any discipline in multimedia, such as video creation, web/graphic design, 2D/3D animation, digital design, concept art.

I am also qualified and experienced in administration and competent working in marketing too.  E.g. marketing and data analytics, uploading my videos and designs onto social media.

Illustration and concept art for animation or storytelling would be my dream job, as I am passionate about the animation industry.  I have plans and concept art to create a multimedia franchise of my own (like Marvel, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc) My Honours Project was a conceptual pitch for a pilot of a potential animated series.

What work experience have you had? 

I’ve completed a digital internship at Scotland’s Churches Trust, where I created a series of videos about the churches they fund.  These videos were uploaded to the Trust’s social media platforms through Hootsuite.  My managers were so impressed with the videos that they commissioned me to be the official photographer for the Royal Patron Gathering, which the Princess Royal attended at Dunblane Cathedral.

Since graduating, I’ve dedicated my time to searching for a media opportunity while refreshing the multimedia skills I obtained at university.  I also designed and published a website on Wix for the Shetland Inter-Club Yachting Association to digitalise their regatta records, yacht details and old photographs.  I also created a Facebook page as another communication platform for members of the Inter-Club.

I have experience in office administration, having spent one summer organising the financial records, databases and spreadsheets at the Shetland Islands Council.  I also have experience in supplying data analytics with Google Analytics for the ‘Mind Your Head’ website.

I have also volunteered at DYW Shetland (Developing the Young Workforce) and Shetland College.  I created some promotional videos for DYW and updated the Shetland College website.

What’s your disability? 

I have Asperger’s syndrome, which can affect my social communication abilities.  However, it does not hinder my ability to work within a team towards an achievable goal.

Can you tell us what you’re proud of?

I am very proud of earning a 2:1 for my bachelor’s degree in Digital Media, as well as having spent four years of my life in Edinburgh.  This would have put so many doubters from my younger years to shame!

I am also proud of my Honours Project; acquiring and designing the assets, including the soundscape and dialogue which I outsourced to a team of talented sound designers.

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