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Does Cornel have the strengths and skills you’re looking for? It’s incredibly hard to recruit objectively. To help, we’re showing snapshots of talented candidates to help employers put talent first.

Introducing Cornel…


A highly educated, high achieving senior professional with an excellent track record of exceeding targets, revenue generation, relationship management, leading teams, training and development and operations management.

Looking for:

‘I am interested in public sector management, employability and disability roles, as well as policy formation, team leadership, and roles with clear progression available. I am also looking for academic roles, building upon my Master’s Degree from Oxford in Philosophy and Theology (I would love to lecture alongside completing a PhD in these disciplines). My BIG dream of course,  is to be a professional musician.’

Strengths and skills:

  • Excellent problem solving skills – gained through adapting my unique ways of doing things with my disability, as well as doing things in the best and most efficient way possibly.
  • Highly personable – I love meeting new people and forging deep and substantial commercial and professional relationships.
  • Commercial Awareness – I am very astute in the commercial world, with excellent business instincts.
  • Leadership – I am a skilled leader and motivator of people.
  • Strategy – I am keenly aware of the ‘big picture’ and experienced in design and strategy implementation.


Employability Specialist Consultant – Freelance / Remploy.

  • Bespoke Employment Journey Planning 
  • Regional Diverse Team Management
  • Employer Engagement 
  • Strategic Partnership Engagement 
  • Budget and Risk management
  • Strategic Development 

Tax Specialist and Project Manager – HMRC.

  • Project Management 
  • Operations Management
  • Leadership 
  • Budget and Risk management 
  • Chairing regional meetings 
  • Creating complex taxation reports for multi-billion pound businesses 
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business Change Management 

Disability Strategic Partner – The Department for Work and Pensions.

Lead Vacancy Advisor and Training Manager – Remploy North Wales

 Senior Account Manager and Business Adviser – H&W Chamber of Commerce

Resourcing and HR Consultant – Sanctuary Group

 Founder and C.E.O of The Cornel Romanian Rehabilitation Centre Trust

To find out more, we asked Cornel a few questions…

What do people you’ve worked or volunteered with, say about you?

My colleagues know me as the problem solver. In a multi-faceted industry, I am usually called upon to try and solve any issues my colleagues, customers, staff, or managers have. I am also a natural leader, rising to the top to take on projects and day-to-day management of strategy and operations. My colleagues also call upon me as a gifted public speaker, as well as trainer, due to my excellent verbal, written, and IT communication abilities, and I have been asked to speak as key note speaker for high profile events across the country, including large scale UK Government events. I have been described as ‘exceptionally personable’, with the ability to gain connections and forge fantastic professional relationships.

 What skills do you have to share?

People management – leading teams of public sector teams such as work coaches, as well as their team leaders, honing my abilities as a leader of leaders. I have also managed my own registered UK and international charity which I founded, managing up to 8 professional trustees, volunteer managers, and volunteers.

IT – I am proficient on a number of IT systems, such as MS office (proficient on word including more technical features such as mail merging, Excel constructing formulae and pivot tables, and PowerPoint using multi-media elements), as well as various internal systems, I was a Super User for SAP SuccessFactors, as well as Bond’s ‘Adapt’. I am also proficient in Garageband and other music editing software. I am proficient on both Windows and Apple Mac operating systems, and have experience in Basic HTML. I am experienced with emails, and I am excellent on Social Media, proficient at using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on my personal accounts (through promoting and playing my own created musical content) as well as PPC, and SEO.

I have skills and knowledge in disability, with an advance working knowledge of conditions, support, academic writing, and policy formation in this area.

I am highly skilled musically, playing drums, bass guitar, upright double bass, and music production. I have played music all over the world to large audiences and performed on session records, high profile events, and on TV (including being the House Band drummer of Channel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’).

I am a skilled strategist, manager, partnerships expert, trainer, public speaker, musician, and professional.

What’s your disability? 

Above knee amputation of my right leg (on which I wear a prosthesis) as well as no lower arms below the elbow.

Can you tell us what you’re proud of?

My degree from the University of Oxford in Philosophy and Theology.

I am proud of my musical successes, with near 30,000 YouTube Subscribers, plus thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Followers, amassing views of my videos where I play music numbering combined into the tens of millions.


To find out more about Cornel, email

To attract talented candidates, visit


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