Guest blog – Introducing BID

BID logoEvenbreak likes to partner with organisations who share our values and vision of a society which is inclusive and naccessible to all and where everyone is respected for who they are. Today’s guest post is about an organisation called BID, and I will leave it to Karen Young, their Employment Coach, to tell you more about this remarkable charity,

BID Services are delighted to be working in collaboration with Evenbreak to raise awareness amongst employers of the many benefits of employing deaf and disabled people and to provide a platform where employers can place vacancies.

Deaf Cultural Centre BuildingBID Services has been working in partnership with deaf communities since 1899 and is a registered charity, based in Birmingham at the purpose built Deaf Cultural Centre. Today, BID works in partnership with deaf people and other communities to deliver a wide range of specialist support services for the deaf, deafened, deafblind, hard of hearing and those with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. BID also works across a number of geographical locations including the West Midlands, Durham, Lincolnshire and Leeds.

Our contracted services include:

  • Care Management and Equipment Service
  • Interpreting
  • Deaf Awareness Training
  • Housing Related Support
  • Homecare/deafcare
  • Single Point of Access (SPA)
  • Employment Service.

Our Employment Service provides an innovative and unique package of support to deaf and hard of hearing clients which is delivered by a qualified and experienced team of professionals.

The Employment Coach has an extensive knowledge of the needs of the deaf community and is able to communicate in a deaf person’s first language or preferred mode of communication including British Sign language (BSL), Sign Supported English (SSE). In most cases this negates the need for interpreters and ensures that the deaf person feels comfortable to freely engage with staff.

Clients are supported with a range of intervention strategies moving them closer to the job market with the eventual goal of sustained employment, education or training. We provide a holistic service that identifies and tackles all barriers that prevent engagement with education, employment or training. We are able to signpost customers to a range of other services provided by BID Services.

Support measures include:

  • 1-1 intensive support
  • Employability support such as CV writing, job search, application form completion, Interviews skills
  • Soft skills to increase confidence, self-esteem, raised aspirations, raised understanding of working rights
  • Work Club / Drop in day
  • Volunteering, Work Place opportunities, Training
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Access to Live vacancies
  • Post-Employment Support
  • Deaf Awareness Training

For more information about our services contact or visit our website


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