Line Managers: How to Support Employees with ADHD

The letters ADHD held up by hands You don’t need to be an expert to get the best from employees with ADHD. A little understanding and support goes a long way… Rethink what you know about ADHD The popular stereotype of ADHD of badly-behaved boys being distracted by squirrels can often be untrue or misleading … Continue reading Line Managers: How to Support Employees with ADHD

Buying from Social Enterprises

Today is 'Social Enterprise Day', part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Evenbreak is proud to be a social enterprise. But what does it mean? Well, a social enterprise is the same as any other business, but with two important differences: It exists to make the world a better place - socially, environmentally or bothMost or all … Continue reading Buying from Social Enterprises

Apprenticeships at ITV

(Please note: Here is a BSL version) (Please also note: some additional hints and tips for Evenbreak candidates at the bottom of this blog!) We’re the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK, Since 1955 we’ve made some of the best loved shows – some still going to this day. We’re also known for our advertising … Continue reading Apprenticeships at ITV

Apprenticeships at ITV

Great news! ITV are going to be advertising some fantastic apprenticeship opportunities from 1st September, and they are, of course, particularly interested in attracting Evenbreak candidates (they know how great you are!). So they are offering a virtual career clinic before the adverts go live, so you can pick up some tips and hints about … Continue reading Apprenticeships at ITV

Nichole Rushton: Embodying the power of inclusive employment

Nichole is living proof of what happens when an employer provides a genuinely inclusive working environment, where individuals are truly supported.   Nichole Rushton As she says, “if you had told me that after being off work for three years with a car accident injury, being in a wheelchair, feeling like I’d lost my career, I’d lost everything, that 12 months on, I would not only be employed but I’d be in … Continue reading Nichole Rushton: Embodying the power of inclusive employment

Covid 19 – A catalyst for changing our work systems?

dav [image description: Kiana, team member at Evenbreak, holding pen and notepad, looking at straight ahead and ready to work] The covid-19 pandemic has caused a complete overhaul of our usual routines. It is challenging how we, as a society, go about our daily lives whether it’s work or socialising or accessing healthcare services. But … Continue reading Covid 19 – A catalyst for changing our work systems?

Inclusion at Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire supports individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. Today we take a look at the working practices within the organisation itself. Why is it important to Leonard Cheshire to employ disabled people? Like all organisations it is desirable and incredibly valuable for our workforce to be … Continue reading Inclusion at Leonard Cheshire

Vlog 8 – Access To Work

Do you need support or reasonable adjustments in the workplace? In this round of vlogs, Kiana talks about Access To Work - the government scheme you can apply for to help cover costs of adaptations you need at work! Check out some great job opportunities at and apply to Access To Work when … Continue reading Vlog 8 – Access To Work

Employers – You’re more inclusive than you think you are!

"We're at the very beginning of our journey, and really aren't very inclusive at all" This is what many employers say to me. It may be how you feel too. Perhaps you are new to diversity as a whole, or have previously focused mainly on race, gender and/or LGBTQ+. The idea of addressing disability equality … Continue reading Employers – You’re more inclusive than you think you are!

Neurodiversity and the Workplace

A guest blog from internationally recognised expert in Neurodiversity, Professor Amanda Kirby CEO of Do-IT Solutions.  About 1 in 8 people in the work place are thought to be Neurodiverse (ND). The term thought to be coined by Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist in the 1990s, recognises the fact that our brains (neuro-)naturally vary from … Continue reading Neurodiversity and the Workplace