Vlog 5 – Inclusive Employers

Inclusive Employers - a phrase you hear all the time, but where exactly are these organisations? Go to http://www.evenbreak.co.uk to find some fantastic employers looking your diverse skills! Watch Kiana in our fifth vlog to find out more and keep tuned every fortnight at 2pm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMrCDBDN2cI&t=3s Now that you can write your CV like a … Continue reading Vlog 5 – Inclusive Employers

Vlog 2 – You are a premium candidate!

Most disabled people, employers and the world at large, don't know that diversity can bring extra skills to the workplace. Watch our video to find out what additional skills you bring and how to market those to a potential employer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWWgAiBdRKE&t=1s Now that you know how invaluable you are, find your next job here. SHARE THIS: … Continue reading Vlog 2 – You are a premium candidate!

Best Practice Case Studies: Enable (1)

Enable helps support people with disabilities into employment and work experience as well as providing personal development opportunities within the county of Shropshire. Started in 1996 as a specialist mental health service, Enable has since expanded to include a specialist learning disability team and a job retention team. Enable has a successful track record of getting people … Continue reading Best Practice Case Studies: Enable (1)

Sharing good practice – can you help?

The "Disability Etiquette" series is coming to an end, with the tenth and final part being published on Thursday of this week. I hope you have enjoyed the series and found it useful. We've had some very positive feedback, and my intention is to draw them together with some additional information and produce an e-book on the … Continue reading Sharing good practice – can you help?

Disability Etiquette, part 1 – the basics

Sometimes a reluctance to engage with disabled people is through embarrassment rather than prejudice. A desire to not offend or say the wrong the thing, or of not being sure when, how or if to offer help, or which words to use can mean we avoid the situation altogether. Rendering the disabled person even more isolated. For that … Continue reading Disability Etiquette, part 1 – the basics