Inclusion at Network Rail

Keeping Britain moving and building a better railway for the future is full of challenges – but also tremendous opportunities. At Network Rail, we believe investing in our people is one of the most effective ways of improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of the railway. Why is it important to Network Rail to employ … Continue reading Inclusion at Network Rail

Inclusion at the FT

At the FT we want to create an environment where people can bring their authentic selves to work and feel valued. This very much includes engaging with disabled people and giving them confidence to apply.   Why is it important to your company to employ disabled people?   We recognise that having a diverse workplace is best … Continue reading Inclusion at the FT

Supporting candidates and employees with Dyspraxia

People with dyspraxia have a lot to offer employers who know how to use their talents. Their strengths and challenges often make them determined, self-aware and empathetic. These are some ways to make recruitment more dyspraxia-friendly…   Look for the skills and qualities most needed most for the role Evidence shows that people whose abilities are … Continue reading Supporting candidates and employees with Dyspraxia

What barriers do inclusive employers face?

Once an employer has understood all the reasons why they would want to attract more disabled people to work with them (see previous blogs!), they may still find some barriers in their way. Again, as with applicants, these will vary depending on the nature of the organisation. Further blogs will look at addressing some of these barriers, … Continue reading What barriers do inclusive employers face?