Spotlight on Talent – Kevin

Please meet Kevin, another of our talented candidates! Kevin What kind of role would your skill-set and experience make you ideally suited for? My experience is entirely within back office administration - filing, data entry, Post Room. I also possess knowledge of the bus and rail industries. What qualities do you have that would make … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Kevin

Spotlight on Talent – Sukhbir

Another talented Evenbreak candidate who demonstrates the diversity of capabilities and skills our candidates have to offer. Sukhbir Sukhbir is currently a part time student with Inspire learning, completing a Level 2 qualification in Maths. During Mid June she will be doing another Community course with The Nottingham College which is based around sewing . … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Sukhbir

Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters

Today I learned that my five-year-old is a talented actress. I’d had no idea. It's easy to focus on the things she needs help with instead. I know she struggles to ride a bike. I know she doesn’t like being told what to do. I had been simply enjoying her strengths rather than nurturing them. But now … Continue reading Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters

Spotlight on Talent – Neil

Returning to our popular “Spotlight on Talent” series, where we showcase a diverse range of talented Evenbreak candidates, today it’s the turn of Neil Barnfather MBE. As a blind man, Neil’s greatest quality is his vision. Neil Barnfather MBE has experience of forming and successfully growing and selling multiple businesses. He is a keen political … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Neil

Spotlight on Talent – Nigel

Here is another in a our series highlighting talented Evenbreak candidates: Nigel has over ten years experience managing and developing Digital Communications solutions. After developing an Intranet that eventually evolved into a Sharepoint 2007 deployment serving 2000+ employees, his most recent project was a secondment to the Department for International Development to establish an Enterprise … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Nigel

Spotlight on Talent – Oliver

Here is an example of another talented person from Evenbreak's database of amazing candidates. Oliver has a 2.2 B.Sc. in Environmental Science (Hons) from Plymouth University and is currently undergoing a M.Sc. in Environmental Management (results in September).  He has a wide range of skills to offer through his education and experience, and also in his role … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Oliver