Spotlight on Talent – James

At Evenbreak, we are always amazed at the talent within our candidate pool, and will be showcasing some of our candidates. If you are an employer looking for talent, watch this space!

Today we are putting the spotlight on James. Here are his answers to our questions:

What kind of role would your skill-set and experience make you ideally suited for?

 From 1989 to 2018, I was a teacher of EAP (English for Academic Purposes), ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and General English, mostly at University level in the Middle East and Turkey. During this period (1995 – 2000), I worked in Sales and Marketing in ELT (English Language Teaching) Publishing in Turkey and all Middle East. I have held 2 management positions in University, was IELTS (International English Proficiency exam) Assessor from 2007 – 2013, and presented twice at international ELT conferences in UK and Poland in 2015.

Before I was a teacher, I worked in Customer Relations. In 2016, I made a film and am currently involved in story-telling, preparing teaching materials in book form and am writing a novel.

 I hold a Masters in Education, teaching qualifications and a PG Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management. My skillset, therefore, is varied.  While it focuses mostly on teaching, and all the skills that entails, the kind of role I am seeking is something pedagogic, creative and developmental. 

What qualities do you have that would make an employer really want to employ you?

Primarily, I have teaching and presentation skills, but I am also competent in using computer, mostly Word, Excel, Powerpoint, web-browsing, Podcasting and Film-making software. In addition, I am confident in customer-facing roles.

 I feel I am experience-rich, culturally aware, determined, conscientious, positive and extremely honest and reliable.

In June 2018, I was diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. This is progressive but only affects my balance and walking and not cognitive skills, nor experience and knowledge.

What would a prospective employer need to do to access your talent?

Since my diagnosis, which came as rather a shock, I have been unemployed but have spent my energies trying to fight against my condition. I am therefore immediately available. 

A prospective employer would need to offer a challenging, interesting and creative role, taking advantage and demanding the skills I have to offer. In return, I would offer all my experience and all the qualities I feel I have. In short, I am open to be inspired.

If any employer would like to access James’s talent, please get in touch with Jane on There is no recruitment fee (we aren’t an agency – we just want to demonstrate the talent that employers are missing out on if they ignore disabled candidates!)

Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters

Today I learned that my five-year-old is a talented actress. I’d had no idea. It’s easy to focus on the things she needs help with instead. I know she struggles to ride a bike. I know she doesn’t like being told what to do. I had been simply enjoying her strengths rather than nurturing them. But now this strength has been spotted, she’s playing Lady Capulet. And in doing so, she lights up. Her confidence has soared. She’s a much happier child. Thank you, William Shakespeare!

As adults, I think we forget to pay attention to the things we’re good at. It’s much easier to focus on the negatives. And our confidence responds accordingly. Many of us can rattle off our positive attributes for CVs and interviews. But I’m not sure we pay much attention to them or sculpt our work days accordingly. Do we ever address the organizational or environmental aspects of our work? Two of the factors that affect our wellbeing and productivity…

Picture shows the words 'be smart' and a picture of a lightbulbWhat impacts on your work day?

Last week (as a nice change) I was given a computer game to play. Job Fit is a work simulation game. It shows you how you would perform in a job and flags up areas for improvement.  In a nutshell, it teases out strengths and lagging skills. But in a fun way! With my nursing background, it was no surprise that I’m good at relating to people. But it also revealed that interruptions stress me. The constant ringing of a telephone in the game set me on edge. So much so that I almost stopped playing… Looking back, I remembered roles where noise massively affected my wellbeing. But at the time I had no understanding of this and no strategies to manage it.

So we need to pay attention. What makes you happier? Which aspects of your work do you focus on and enjoy? What part of your job description would you do for free? And can you build more of this into your role?


What do you find hard? Do you need to develop this area? Or can you focus on your strengths instead? How does your environment affect you? If like me, noise is a stressor, can you work with one earphone in? Turn off your phone when you need to focus? Would you be better working remotely? Or do you thrive on the buzz of a busy office?

Take the time to notice. Look for the people that pay attention. Find out your strengths and latent skills. And ask for what you need. Be Lady Capulet!


* As a loyalty perk, registered Evenbreak candidates can play Job Fit for free. Register here and you’ll receive the link in our newsletter.

Spotlight on Talent – Alan

At Evenbreak we often warn employers of the talent they are missing out on if they exclude disabled people from their search. Alan is a prime example of this.

Alan’s goal is to obtain employment as a Web Designer and Developer or to work on 3D modelling or Motion Graphics. He is very well-equipped to excel in either of these fields. His recent BSc in Computing Technologies included learning:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • 3D Modelling & Motion Graphics
  • Networking
  • Database design & build
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Ubiquitous computing

His desire to constantly update his skills means he has recently qualified as an ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) which gives him expertise in PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign and DreamWeaver

Before embarking on his degree Alan worked in IT and Digital Marketing, including projects such as hardware and software upgrades of office equipment, and designing, building and updating company websites. He also created a positive organisational brand through social media pages, and developed training for staff on aspects of Microsoft office and social media.

In addition to the above, Alan has a real interest in 3D modelling and Motion Graphics. He recently recreated the 5Star logo and the logo for Virgin Media used on their sponsorship of some programs on the Discovery network. His 3D Modelling has mainly been cars and bikes but he has recently developed some 3D kitchen mock ups and put animation in to show opening doors and drawers etc. The package that he uses for this is Maxon Cinema 4D.

As well as his impressive IT and computer skills, Alan also has the soft skills required to work well within a team. He is a great communicator at all levels, highly motivated, and thrives on having challenging problems to solve.

In fact, in common with many disabled people, Alan has experience in finding innovative solutions to live, work and study with his sight impairment. We feel that his sight impairment may be the reason that some employers have overlooked his considerable talents, which is without doubt their loss.

If you feel that Alan has the skills your organisation is looking for, please let me know – (we don’t charge recruitment fees – we just want Alan’s talents to be put to good use!)

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Spotlight on Talent – Neil

Returning to our popular “Spotlight on Talent” series, where we showcase a diverse range of talented Evenbreak candidates, today it’s the turn of Neil Barnfather MBE.

As a blind man, Neil’s greatest quality is his vision.
Neil Barnfather MBE has experience of forming and successfully growing and selling multiple businesses. He is a keen political commentator and an avid social entrepreneur.

Neil was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list (2014). He also received a Special Merit Award in the Serial Entrepreneur category of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (2013), is listed on the Power 100 (2014/15/16), and is currently ranked 10th in the business category on The List – Britain’s most influential and powerful disabled people as collated by DNS.

He is presently looking for a role to utilise his immense skills in strategy, stakeholder engagement and marketing.

Strategy – Neil has exercised a wealth of strategic development and implementation whilst overseeing each of his ventures, and within the organisations to whom he sold them: Cadbury, Klix, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Expedia, Orange S.A., AirBus, Boeing, Marks & Spencer and Sony, to name but a few. Within each role, Neil’s forward thinking “out-of-the-box” approach to strategy, permits him to execute programs to elicit the organisation’s desired commercial objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement – for Neil to succeed within the many arenas he has operated in (private/public corporate, political and charitable/third sector), he has had to nurture his ability to bring stakeholders of varying numbers together to positively influence their agendas. His easy-going approach, combined with a comprehensive command of the raw data, statistics and operational criteria, enable him to be an exceptionally talented negotiator, spokesperson and advocate. Neil believes firmly that his disability and the life-lessons this has taught him, allow him to carry out this role in a unique manner – which not only sets him apart from others, but makes him distinctive in his approach.

Marketing – Neil’s first love was always the sealing of a deal; making something happen based purely on the premise of supply and demand. His thorough understanding of marketing concepts and the realities of those mechanisms, coupled with his extensive corporate working knowledge and understanding, make him exceptionally well versed in all aspects of marketing.

If you have a senior/strategic role that would benefit from the remarkable vision that Neil would bring with him, please contact me (Jane) on No agency fees applicable.

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Spotlight on Talent – Nigel

Here is another in a our series highlighting talented Evenbreak candidates:

Nigel has over ten years experience managing and developing Digital Communications solutions.

After developing an Intranet that eventually evolved into a Sharepoint 2007 deployment serving 2000+ employees, his most recent project was a secondment to the Department for International Development to establish an Enterprise Social Network, setting the metrics and objectives in response to a UK Government requirement to show how DFID was sharing best practice from all around the world in its successful aid programmes.

Nigel has a natural aptitude for getting the most out of such networks and platforms, his real skill lies in matching people and functions with the most appropriate technology. He has an Honours degree in Philosophy, the Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing, went to John Gillard’s highly innovative School of Communication Arts (Advertising and Design) and recently took the MOOC from Vanderbilt University in ‘Leading Strategic Innovation’ scoring 95.9% – a certificate with distinction (appropriately, his virtual syndicate’s project was studying online meetings – no one scored under 90%!).

He understands Sharepoint, Content Strategy, Social Media, Analytics and Metrics, and Internal Communications.

He’s looking for project based work giving clients Innovative Internal Communications solutions and is happy to work remotely.

Nigel would be an asset to any employer. He’s quick witted (regularly does the Independent quick crossword in under 12 minutes) He understands Diversity and Inclusion issues (Won an award for his work on accessibility in Digital Communications) and engaging – loves coming up with new solutions that empower people.

Please let us at Evenbreak know if you would like to know more about Nigel or any of our other 2,000 plus registered candidates!

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Spotlight on Talent – Oliver

Here is an example of another talented person from Evenbreak’s database of amazing candidates.

Oliver has a 2.2 B.Sc. in Environmental Science (Hons) from Plymouth University and is currently undergoing a M.Sc. in Environmental Management (results in September). 

He has a wide range of skills to offer through his education and experience, and also in his role as outdoor instructor, including:

  • Being a qualified paddlesport coach with a keen interest in working with the minority and disabled participants in the sport 
  • Understanding of various lab techiques, and basic understanding of tools used 
  • Use of GIS
  • Reports and presentations including environmental assessments, technical reports, analysis and briefing notes 
  • Extensive use of Microsoft and Apple operating systems
  • Presentation skills using a variety of media, not just powerpoint 
  • Able to communicate with a wide range of people. 

He is looking for a role in the environmental management sector particularly one which takes in water and contaminated land management

Oliver has much to offer an employer, including his wide range of skills and flexibility, his understanding of environmental systems and management techniques is broad, his work experience while limited in the environmental sector has allowed him to develop a wide set of communication and skills which are transferable. He has been exposed to a wide range of tools and software including GIS, and insight into the industry through lectures from people currently employed in the environmental consultancy and contaminated land or water industries. 

If you are looking for someone with Oliver’s qualifications and experience, please contact straight away!

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Spotlight on Talent – Mandy

The variety of talent available within our candidates always amazes me. What a difference they could make to the workplace, given an employer prepared to look beyond the disability to the skills and talents behind. 

Mandy has a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Salford. She has worked in IT for 22 years in the data field as a Data Analyst, Data Architect or Data Designer.  She specialises in Data Warehousing and has worked most recently with Teradata and before that Oracle.  She has extensive data modelling experience in Erwin on the Conceptual, Logical and Physical levels, for Data Warehouses, Data Marts, and source systems.  She has worked a great deal on interfaces between systems and the data warehouse, specifying the rules to transform the data into a set of global data definitions.  She iis used to being part of a global team and being a Senior Member of the Team whose role included on-the-job ‘training up’ and guidance for more junior team members.

Mandy’s knowledge and experience includes Teradata, Data Warehousing, Data Modelling, some BI tools and working in a Global organisation.  She has a great ability to deal with ambiguity, has a drive for results and tries to educate as many people as she can on important data, its format, meaning and how to use it.

Mandy is looking for something in the data warehousing arena, preferably Teradata or Oracle, looking at data, producing data models and specifying interfaces to load the data.  A role that can be done based at home with occasional trips into the office.

Mandy would prove an asset to the right employer because she would add value to their team with her experience and her skills in modelling data and designing interfaces to load and transform data.  Like all of our candidates, she would far rather be working than sitting at home on benefits.

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Spotlight on Talent – Iva

Here is another in our “Spotlight on Talent” series, demonstrating the huge diversity of talent available at Evenbreak.

Iva is a Veterinary Surgeon, a Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London, who graduated in 2010. Her experience is as a Veterinarian on a poultry farm from 2010-2012. Before her graduation Iva was working as a manager of a poultry market 2008-2010. She also has experience in hospitality, having been a supervisor of housekeeping and also reception desk administrator at the “Hilton”, Columbia, USA 2002-2003.

Iva has excellent comunication skills, is easy-going, results-oriented, flexible, a team-player and self-disciplined. Her skills include time management, persistence, initiative, determination, and good attention to detail.

She is looking for a role perhaps connected with pharmacy, veterinary products, FSA, and also clinical research or maybe administrative work. She is responsible and reliable and would be an asset to the right employer.

Iva was in a car accident in 2006, which means she uses crutches to walk. She can drive a car. Her disability has made it hard to find job, but Iva feels that having gone through many experiences like other disabled people she sees life with different eyes , making her much more positive!

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Spotlight on Talent – Rosemary

Here is another in our series showbasing the range of talent available from Evenbreak candidates. 

Rosemary has had a good deal of secretarial experience, which also included working as a receptionist and first point of contact. She also also worked as a civil servant at her local jobcentre for quite a few years. In latter years her experience has been more of counsellor and therapist  and also helping in pre school nursery groups.

Rosemary’s skills and qualities are particularly noted as being very person-centred. She is a good communicator and great at putting people at their ease. She displays great empathy when needed and is a good listener. Keen to do her best, and is capable of working alone, but also enjoys working as a team. A loyal person who is keen to uphold standards and expectations and is not afraid of responsibility. She is not afraid to ask for help when necessary in order to maintain company standards. She has a healthy repect for authority and for those around her. Rosemary understands respect for confidentiality when needed, particularly within the counselling setting. Also a need not to show prejudice or be judgemental.

Rosemary is keen to pursue her experience in a therapist or counselling role or something similar. This could be in a wide range of settings, for example, hospitals and medical, or other settings where her skills could be employed.

Rosemary feels  that she has a lot to offer. She always gives of her best,  and is very conscientious.  She is always keen to improve and keep up to date with requirements of a company, and at times this has meant attendeding courses and improving skills. A loyal employee who always gives of her best.

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Spotlight on Talent – Barbara

Barbara is currently studying Social Science including Welfare, Crime and Society with the Open University . She already holds an HND in Business Studies.

In a former role, Barbara was an Office Manager at Battersea Power Station where she would oversee temporary workers, the company chaffeur and secretaries as well as admin staff. She was also Events Co-ordinator whereby she used to promote NVQs and worked alongside the Department of Further Education and Employment. She would travel all around the UK, to different hotels, where she organised conferences and seminars using extensive power point presentations. This was for the Qualifications Curriculum Authority, based in Green Park.

Barbara has much to offer an employer, including being hard working, a keen team player, with good initiative and works well under pressure. She has a friendly and approachable character and is enthusiastic about the job at hand. She is very keen to get involved with any exciting opportunities.

Barbara is interested in a management role and would like to be part of the boardroom. She is open to various sectors and opportunities, but ideally would want to work for a company that are supportive towards disabled people in the work place, being blind herself. She is looking for a chance to show what she is capable of. She is keen to acquire new skills to enhance her current skills and talents.

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