Spotlight on Talent – Daniel B

Another example of the wonderful talent to be found on Evenbreak!

Introducing Daniel B …

To find out more about Daniel, we asked him a few questions… 

Head and shoulders image of Daniel B

What would be your dream role? 

My ideal role would be as an Office Administrator. It is an area I’m very familiar with, as it is where I’ve worked for many years. I like working in a team, and get along with other people. Until lockdown, I was working on a voluntary basis in a Meet and Greet role at a local hospital, which I really enjoyed. I had to stop because my partner is in an at-risk group. Ideally, I’d like to find office work in Liverpool.    

What do people you’ve worked with or volunteered with say about you? 

I think they’d say I’m adaptable, and easy to get along with. I’ve always liked helping other people – with my friends, they’ve always felt they could come to me! I’ve always been a good shoulder to cry on. 

What are you particularly proud of? 

When I was younger and had my original epilepsy diagnosis, because of the type of epilepsy I had, the doctors were unsure if I’d ever get to school at all, or would do so with great difficulty. So, looking at where I am now, after all those years, it’s quite an achievement, to have got where I have! 

Can you tell us something not many people would know about you? 

I have been to the Cayman Islands twice! I went with my partner to stay with her best friend who lives there with her family. It was great – it’s never cold there. There are lots of beautiful places there – it’s a lovely way of life – not cheap, but it’s very laid back, and a really nice place to go for a holiday.  

What’s your disability? 

I have epilepsy, which I’ve had since I was a child, but it went away for a while, then when I was 18, it came back. Now I’m on medication which keeps it stable, and it seems to have really settled down.  

Recent Professional Experience

Whiston Hospital, Volunteer Host 

July 2019 to March 2020  

Meeting and greeting visitors 

University of Liverpool, HR Administrator  

July 2016 – Oct 2018 (part-time) 

Working in a secure and confidential manner, maintaining knowledge of current policies and procedures.

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