Reach – Public Inclusion Commitments

Evenbreak employer Reach report on the external commitments they've made to inclusion so far. What: Three commitments we’ve made or pledges our leaders have signed, giving us a clear picture of what success looks like, and giving us external support and guidance along the way while also keeping us publicly accountable: ● The Valuable 500 … Continue reading Reach – Public Inclusion Commitments

Finding Allyship in Unexpected Places

Another great piece from Evenbreak employer, Facebook. When Jeffrey S. lost 85% of his eyesight, he was just 19 years old. "I was in the army and was prescribed the wrong medication," he explains. "It was completely unexpected. I was told my eyesight would continue to deteriorate over time, and I didn't know what it … Continue reading Finding Allyship in Unexpected Places

Spotlight on Talent – Matt S

Another example of the wonderful talent to be found on Evenbreak! Introducing Matt S ... To find out more about Matt, we asked him a few questions…  Matt S What would be your dream role?  I’d like to be working in leadership development coaching or diversity and inclusion – my interest is very much about supporting … Continue reading Spotlight on Talent – Matt S

Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

As we know, it’s twice as hard to find paid, sustainable work if you are disabled than if you are non-disabled. Here are my top tips for finding work: 1. Identify your strengths If you are trying to sell a car, you need to know the good points (features and benefits) of what you are … Continue reading Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

Natasha’s Story

Natasha Natasha is an incredibly bright young woman with two degrees, gained after having to learn from scratch how to function again after a brain haemorrhage, demonstrating her amazing determination and drive. Employers should be fighting over themselves to employ her, right? And she does receive many offers of work, but they are either unpaid … Continue reading Natasha’s Story

The Kickstart Scheme needs to include disabled young people

At Evenbreak, we welcome the Kickstart Scheme, and are keen to ensure that disabled young people aren't excluded from this scheme. Our friends at Microlink can offer lots of support if this is something you are interested in exploring further. Here, they explain how it works: The Office of National statistics have shown that young … Continue reading The Kickstart Scheme needs to include disabled young people