Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process

Obesity in the UK has arguably reached ‘epidemic proportions’, according to the Institute of Employment Studies (IES). The report outlines a clear correlation between stigma and obesity discrimination in the employment sector.  It’s a common belief that some employers regard obesity as a something that’s controllable. Meaning, through their own behaviour, people are inflicting a state … Continue reading Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process

Vlog 8 – Access To Work

Do you need support or reasonable adjustments in the workplace? In this round of vlogs, Kiana talks about Access To Work - the government scheme you can apply for to help cover costs of adaptations you need at work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bdu6GzGfdLQ&t=24s Check out some great job opportunities at http://www.evenbreak.co.uk and apply to Access To Work when … Continue reading Vlog 8 – Access To Work

BDF tribute to DDA Anniversary

This month marks twenty years since pioneering legislation protecting the rights of disabled people was enacted in the form of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Business Disability Forum (BDF), formerly known as the Employers Forum on Disability, remains proud to have supported the partnership between business and the disabled rights movement that helped shape the … Continue reading BDF tribute to DDA Anniversary

What to do if you Face Discrimination at Work

It’s a sad fact that thousands of disabled people are discriminated against in the workplace every year. In the working world, discrimination can come in a range of shapes and sizes – whether because of bullying or harassment at work or due to employer procedures that don’t offer the same opportunities to everyone. If you … Continue reading What to do if you Face Discrimination at Work

Guest Blog: Braille Signs in the Workplace

We now live in a world that’s embraced equal opportunities. There are no reasons why people who are blind visually impaired can’t do a wide variety of the jobs that are on offer in today’s business environment. Such workers need a sense of independence whilst at their place of employment, as opposed to having to … Continue reading Guest Blog: Braille Signs in the Workplace

An Essential Service for People Interested in Disability

It's really important for us at Evenbreak to keep up to date with all the current news and events regarding disabililty, and this can be very time-consuming, particularly as the media tends to have its own agenda where disability is concerned. Thankfully, there is a service which helps to keep us informed and saves time (I … Continue reading An Essential Service for People Interested in Disability

Welcome new discrimination legislation

On 28 February 2013, the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013 became law. The Act removes the last significant forms of discrimination in law from our society.This is a fantastic moment for people with mental health problems and a big step towards breaking down the prejudice surrounding mental health. The new Act removes three legal barriers … Continue reading Welcome new discrimination legislation

Guides in Pre-Employment Health Questions.

A lot of, mainly positive, things changed in the most recent discrimination legislation, the Equality Act 2010. One of the changes was that it is now illegal to ask candidates about health or disability related questions until the job offer stage, other than for monitoring purposes or to identify relevant reasonable ajustments which might be … Continue reading Guides in Pre-Employment Health Questions.

Disability discrimination “by association”

People can be discriminated against not because of their own disability, but through association with someone else who is disabled. An example of this is given below. Atlas Ward Structures Ltd is an engineering firm that employs around 1,000 workers. Mr Bainbridge was employed by the company as a temporary welder along with 12 other … Continue reading Disability discrimination “by association”