Inclusion at Sanofi

At Sanofi, we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. Our people are our greatest asset, and we are very proud to have created a work environment that embraces individuality. We celebrate our differences and applaud imagination and innovation. Why is it important to Sanofi to employ disabled people? It is important to … Continue reading Inclusion at Sanofi

Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

As we know, it’s twice as hard to find paid, sustainable work if you are disabled than if you are non-disabled. Here are my top tips for finding work: 1. Identify your strengths If you are trying to sell a car, you need to know the good points (features and benefits) of what you are … Continue reading Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

From Autism to Dyslexia to Depression: Finding Support at Meta

A blog from our friends at Meta “I have dyslexia and autism. It’s something that’s not obvious to others, but it’s significantly important,” shares Andrew S., a manager on the Workplace team at Meta. "Growing up, I was defined by certain stereotypes that come along with this, like being a bad kid or a bad … Continue reading From Autism to Dyslexia to Depression: Finding Support at Meta

Inclusion at PageGroup

Why is it important to PageGroup to employ disabled people? At PageGroup we have been committed to our Diversity and Inclusion strategy since 2012 and as such recognise the importance and richness of cognitive diversity. In addition, in order to truly reflect their diversity of the candidate pool we represent and the clients we serve, … Continue reading Inclusion at PageGroup

Inclusion at Airwave Motorola

Airwave Motorola has a people first philosophy which encourages all employees to contribute to their fullest potential. They understand and embrace the belief that our differences are what makes us a team – challenging us, pushing boundaries and encouraging new ways of thinking. Read on for find out more about inclusion at Airwave Motorola. Motorola … Continue reading Inclusion at Airwave Motorola

Evenbreak: The Year in Full

Like many of you, 2020 didn’t turn out the way we were expecting but it’s not all bad news. Here are some fun facts and silver linings to take away from 2020: 1. Working From Home: Making flexible and accessible working the new normal  Employers have realised it is possible to work from home effectively. By embracing this new way of working they access a larger pool of candidates who can already WFH. It … Continue reading Evenbreak: The Year in Full

Apprenticeships at ITV

(Please note: Here is a BSL version) (Please also note: some additional hints and tips for Evenbreak candidates at the bottom of this blog!) We’re the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK, Since 1955 we’ve made some of the best loved shows – some still going to this day. We’re also known for our advertising … Continue reading Apprenticeships at ITV

Apprenticeships at ITV

Great news! ITV are going to be advertising some fantastic apprenticeship opportunities from 1st September, and they are, of course, particularly interested in attracting Evenbreak candidates (they know how great you are!). So they are offering a virtual career clinic before the adverts go live, so you can pick up some tips and hints about … Continue reading Apprenticeships at ITV

Vlog 9 – The Curriculum Vitae

Ever wondered how to write that magical 2 page CV to land an interview for your dream job? Watch our video now and find out - hint, there's no easy shortcuts! Now that you know all about writing great C.V.s, check our website and find inclusive employers who want to hire you! SHARE THIS: Press … Continue reading Vlog 9 – The Curriculum Vitae

Are You an Aspiring Architect?

Advert for a "Practice Shared" session at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects Sarah Wigglesworth Architects are offering disabled people interested in a career in architecture an experience at their offices at 10 Stock Orchard Street, London N7 9RX on 8 June, 2.00 - 6.00. Visit http://tiny.CC/practiceshared  for info (Please note that the offices are not accessible to … Continue reading Are You an Aspiring Architect?