Evenbreak: The Year in Full

Like many of you, 2020 didn’t turn out the way we were expecting but it’s not all bad news. Here are some fun facts and silver linings to take away from 2020:

1. Working From Home: Making flexible and accessible working the new normal 

Employers have realised it is possible to work from home effectively. By embracing this new way of working they access a larger pool of candidates who can already WFH. It also offers employees more flexibility. We hope post-pandemic more employers realise working from home for some or all of the time is a flexible way of working which should be available for both disabled and/or non-disabled employees, and also to drop the assumption every disabled candidate wants it. It’s still important for the workplace to be accessible and inclusive. 

When we did our candidate survey only 17% of candidates were looking for purely home-based opportunities. (A word of caution – as our very own Kiana says – WFH shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not making the workplace accessible). Employees are becoming familiar with technology like zoom and teams, embracing them in their day-to-day activities. 

The new ways of working post-Covid will require people who are used to working flexibly, finding different solutions to problems, and remote working. In other words, disabled people will become premium candidates, and organisations can learn much from them. 

2. Jobs adverts, Applications & New Outreach programs: A Snapshot of Our Growth 

In 2020 Evenbreak: 

  • Advertised 29,848 jobs and had 23,954 applications – our candidate base has increased by 43% 
  • Sent out 420,068 job alerts 
  • Welcomed 291 new employers 
  • Connected with 65 additional universities as part of our university graduate outreach program

3. We’ve been Welcoming more Unlimited Advertisers to Evenbreak

  • We have welcomed 17 new unlimited advertisers, including Network Rail, PwC and DPD 
  •  We’ve also advertised over 500 jobs from ad hoc advertisers (which is why we’re always telling candidates to set up alerts!) 

4. Our new book on Inclusive Recruitment (available on Amazon & Kindle) 

Jane has published her second book; this one on inclusive recruitment 

Book cover – “A Dozen Great Ways to Recruit Disabled People

5. The latest newcomers to join the Evenbreak team 

We’ve welcomed three new team members – Ruby who does our social media, and Titi and Rele – our two new Account Managers. 

Ruby, Titi and Rele

6. Events & Webinars: Educating and having the important conversations  

In 2020 we devised and delivered over 200 hours of webinars, workshops and consultancy on topics including inclusive recruitment practices, self-employment, finding inclusive employers and the benefits of employing disabled candidates.  

7. More Support 

We’ve found hundreds of organisations who can provide support services to disabled people looking for work. 

We also found out in December that we’re finalists in the Nesta Rapid Recovery Challenge. This will enable us to recruit careers coaches who can offer candidates 1-2-1 support where none currently exists – and recommend candidates to employers. 

How has your year been? Talk to us if you want more information about inclusive recruitment and the business benefits. 

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