Apprenticeships at ITV

Great news! ITV are going to be advertising some fantastic apprenticeship opportunities from 1st September, and they are, of course, particularly interested in attracting Evenbreak candidates (they know how great you are!). So they are offering a virtual career clinic before the adverts go live, so you can pick up some tips and hints about … Continue reading Apprenticeships at ITV

Helping Evenbreak get #evenbetter! The results are in – Over 80% of you would recommend us!

We can’t start this article without extending our thanks to the nearly 200 of you who told us what would make Evenbreak #evenbetter for you, our candidates. The winners of the draw have been notified and their vouchers sent out. Congratulations to Amy, Maggie, Robert, Sulaiman and Tracey! The fabulous news is that over 80% … Continue reading Helping Evenbreak get #evenbetter! The results are in – Over 80% of you would recommend us!

Dyspraxia and looking for work

Dyspraxia shouldn’t prevent employers making the most of your talent. Here are some common job-hunting hurdles and ways to overcome them…  Low self-esteem People with dyspraxia often lack support, which can mean we lack the confidence to get into work, and others often don’t understand what’s behind our feelings. We may feel we have to … Continue reading Dyspraxia and looking for work

Inclusion at Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire supports individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. Today we take a look at the working practices within the organisation itself. Why is it important to Leonard Cheshire to employ disabled people? Like all organisations it is desirable and incredibly valuable for our workforce to be … Continue reading Inclusion at Leonard Cheshire

Vlog 9 – The Curriculum Vitae

Ever wondered how to write that magical 2 page CV to land an interview for your dream job? Watch our video now and find out - hint, there's no easy shortcuts! Now that you know all about writing great C.V.s, check our website and find inclusive employers who want to hire you! SHARE THIS: Press … Continue reading Vlog 9 – The Curriculum Vitae

Vlog 2 – You are a premium candidate!

Most disabled people, employers and the world at large, don't know that diversity can bring extra skills to the workplace. Watch our video to find out what additional skills you bring and how to market those to a potential employer. Now that you know how invaluable you are, find your next job here. SHARE THIS: … Continue reading Vlog 2 – You are a premium candidate!

Inclusion at Guidant Global

Evenbreak and Guidant Global are both involved in the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI). In fact, Guidant Global have been instrumental in promoting disability equality within the recruitment industry. Do they lead by example? For sure! Here are their answers to our questions: Why is it important to Guidant Global to employ disabled people?  Guidant … Continue reading Inclusion at Guidant Global

How to hunt for an inclusive employer

The world of work is changing. And I'm seeing that like my own priorities, candidates’ priorities have changed too. My last job search was vastly different from previous searches. I wasn't looking for a specific role or a specific salary. The hours I worked weren't as important. Or the location. I was looking for an … Continue reading How to hunt for an inclusive employer

Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters

Today I learned that my five-year-old is a talented actress. I’d had no idea. It's easy to focus on the things she needs help with instead. I know she struggles to ride a bike. I know she doesn’t like being told what to do. I had been simply enjoying her strengths rather than nurturing them. But now … Continue reading Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters