Helping Evenbreak get #evenbetter! The results are in – Over 80% of you would recommend us!

We can’t start this article without extending our thanks to the nearly 200 of you who told us what would make Evenbreak #evenbetter for you, our candidates. The winners of the draw have been notified and their vouchers sent out. Congratulations to Amy, Maggie, Robert, Sulaiman and Tracey!

The fabulous news is that over 80% of you said you would recommend Evenbreak

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We now know for sure that you find out about Evenbreak mostly from either social media or links back from other websites. We’d already thought that this was the case which is why we had already decided to strengthen our social media presence by recruiting the wonderful Ruby to the Evenbreak Team and by asking the also wonderful Adam to head up the partnerships project. Our aim is to reach as many disabled candidates as possible – those who want to have a career and have been frustrated by lack of understanding, lack of opportunities and inaccessible recruitment processes.

What needs improving?

We asked registered candidates whether they were satisfied, dissatisfied or ‘neither’ about Evenbreak. We were very pleased to see that 51% are satisfied with the majority being very satisfied.

That does mean that 43% ticked neither dissatisfied or satisfied – a little bit ‘meh’ if you like.  We asked you to be honest and to tell us why.  There are issues we know about and are working constantly to address, and they fall into two main categories – the first is the jobs themselves:

  • No jobs near me
  • I can only work from home – not enough remote roles
  • Most jobs are managerial level – need more entry level roles
  • Nothing in my area of expertise

Other issues mentioned were to do with the way the platform works:

  • Job alerts would be good
  • More dedicated links for home working
  • Search by location

So we’ve realised that although these features already exist on the platform – it’s not obvious enough. Ruby has written some candidate FAQs that help to address that.

After the comments about more variety in roles and employers the number one ask from you was more one-to-one help finding employment including things like a CV review, interview practice and mentoring. You also said you’d like more candidate resources.

What are Evenbreak doing to continuously improve?

We’re always working to attract new employers. Obviously with covid-19 there are a few employers who have stopped or slowed down recruitment which makes it a challenge.  When not faced with a global pandemic, we have a robust process for attracting new employers; we’re at recruiter events, Jane is a well-known speaker who has written two books about inclusive employment and we are always busy speaking to potential new advertisers.

We’re also becoming more involved in helping employers to ensure their recruitment processes are accessible. When we presented our Barriers to Employment research back in January we offered employers a list of training options – and the top ones were all around the recruitment process, writing adverts to attract disabled candidates, accessible recruitment and strategies for attracting disabled candidates.

We’ve started to grow our partnerships with other agencies who may be able to provide some of the one-to one services you’re asking us about. We’re not set up to deliver that service and not qualified either so it’s far better that we signpost who the experts are!

In terms of candidate resources, we are always adding information to the blog and hopefully our partnership project will help us to share more information with you. In the meantime check out the vlogs Kiana put together on our YouTube channel.

What can you do as candidates?

Number one – please set up alerts. The first thing we ask when someone says ‘there’s no jobs in x y z’ is ‘Have you set up alerts?. Some jobs are not advertised for as long as others, so if you’re not visiting at least fortnightly then you will miss opportunities. You may remember that we added the search by date function a few weeks ago and it’s still the most popular link on our fortnightly newsletter!

Number two – give us a follow on our candidate twitter account – increasingly we’re tweeting roles from the website and you could even help pay it forward by giving us a RT. We’re also active on Facebook and Linkedin.

Number three – keep talking to us. We genuinely want to hear your feedback – especially if you’ve been offered a role or an interview.

If you completed the survey and you’d like to discuss any of your responses that you don’t think we’ve addressed here then drop us a line!

And on that note….

We did notice a comment that we think we should address; “some of your roles look like they are just a feed from the employer’s website”. That is a fair point and 100% correct – some employers ask us to take a feed from their existing job site.

This isn’t a bad thing! We know that the employers on the Evenbreak platform are committed to attracting talented disabled candidates. We take feeds from their job sites precisely because they are advertising ALL their roles on our platform – not deciding who they think a job is ‘suitable’ for in advance. It’s such a good point we’ve added it to our candidate FAQs so thank you!

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