Spotlight on Talent – Irving A

Our Business Storyteller Dee speaks to another one of our talented candidates…

Introducing Irving A…


Irving is an experienced researcher and political consultant currently working within the government sector with a demonstrated history in public affairs and stakeholder relations. Described by one colleague as an influencer who is influential – could Irving’s skills at connecting people be what you are looking for? [Image Description: A head and shoulders picture of Irving. He is wearing a blue suit and is smiling]

To find out more, we asked Irving a few questions…

What would be your dream role?

It would be in project or people management, and ideally working from home at least some of the time. It would be a role that makes the most of my energy, experience and skills; supporting people, managing projects and getting things done. 

What do people you’ve worked or volunteered with, say about you?

They’d say I’m great communicator and connecter – basically, I am the sort of person who can talk to anyone! As one person I’ve worked with said, Irving actively builds networks which benefit others…he’s an influencer and he is influential.  

What are you particularly proud of?

I’m very proud of being the founder of ParliAble, the disability workplace equality network for the UK Parliament. After a tricky time with a colleague, who regarded my disabilities as an “inconvenience”, I was shocked to realise there wasn’t anything at the Houses of Parliament to support staff in working with disabled colleagues. I created this networkwhich has proved to be a force for change in attitudes to disability. Four years on, the network is still running, funded and supported by the UK Parliament.  

Can you tell us something not many people would know about you?

I have a secret hankering to change the signs at train stations as so many don’t actually make sense, or help people to get where they want to go! 

What’s your disability? 

There are three main areas: 

  1. Speech and language disorder (in written language I struggle with past tenses, but my spoken language is very good). Dragon software is helpful.   
  1. Asperger’s syndrome, which affects my ability to read body language. I find I need my team to be aware of this condition to avoid misunderstandings.   
  1. Dyspraxia; it’s a coordination issue. I use a computer, but writing by hand is difficult.  

Not necessarily a disability but I am tall, at 198cm, and often need a DSE Assessment (but I have one from 2019), so I need a chair that is suitable for my back and a desk I can get my legs under.  Previously I was given a very expensive rising desk, but then while at the House of Lords, I just bought some desk stands for £13 that did the same job!  

Professional Experience

UK Political Consultant UK House of Lords January 2015 – Present

Managing an array of independent projects for several Peers from different political affiliations. Most recently supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on University of Hull, establish the Hull (Mafia) Connection within Parliament and the Westminster village, the creation of Peers Staff Association to connect all Peers staff across the House of Lords. I continue to carry on doing research and special projects.

Bond Guarantees and Indemnities (BGI) Case Manager Barclays Bank – Corporate Banking – October 2018 – July 2019

Proactively managed a portfolio of Trade Product cases from submission to issuance principally taking ownership for the preparation of domestic and international guarantees, liaising directly with clients & Bank – liaising with the BGI Specialist where appropriate. Providing portfolio management, pro-actively driving cases to drawdown/issuance in order to meet client timelines and expectations. Ensuring that the Bank’s KYC, Sanctions, AML and Reputational Risk policies are strictly adhered to. Ensuring transactions are processed in line with controls and procedures and validate all conditions have been satisfied before issuing a transaction.

Guarantees Trade Analyst Lloyds Banking Group – Commercial Banking – May 2017 – September 2018

Parliament Research Assistant to Lord Norton of Louth UK House of Lords September 2011 – December 2014

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