Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

As we know, it’s twice as hard to find paid, sustainable work if you are disabled than if you are non-disabled. Here are my top tips for finding work: 1. Identify your strengths If you are trying to sell a car, you need to know the good points (features and benefits) of what you are … Continue reading Ten Top Tips to find work if you’re disabled

Vlog 5 – Inclusive Employers

Inclusive Employers - a phrase you hear all the time, but where exactly are these organisations? Go to http://www.evenbreak.co.uk to find some fantastic employers looking your diverse skills! Watch Kiana in our fifth vlog to find out more and keep tuned every fortnight at 2pm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMrCDBDN2cI&t=3s Now that you can write your CV like a … Continue reading Vlog 5 – Inclusive Employers

Review – Get That Job

This book is not written specifically with disabled job seekers in mind, but I think it is a brilliant resource for anyone searching for work. Just to be transparent, I do know the author, but have no affiliation links, so I don't gain anything by reviewing her book, other than the satisfaction of having shared … Continue reading Review – Get That Job