Inclusion at Airwave Motorola

Airwave Motorola has a people first philosophy which encourages all employees to contribute to their fullest potential. They understand and embrace the belief that our differences are what makes us a team – challenging us, pushing boundaries and encouraging new ways of thinking. Read on for find out more about inclusion at Airwave Motorola.

Motorola logo
Motorola logo

Why is it important to Airwave Motorola to employ disabled people?

At Airwave Motorola we want a diverse workforce which is reflective of the society around us. Instead of the old unconscious habits of hiring more of what we had, we recognise that with Diversity comes a more stable, well rounded team and company.  

Apart from advertising on Evenbreak, how else have you made your recruitment process accessible and inclusive?

We have identified which locations and roles are suitable for all, which, as it turned out is the vast majority. We check with all candidates coming for an interview if any adjustments are required and we are more than happy to oblige. We deliver Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training (which includes conscious and unconscious biases) to all hiring managers who have a new vacancy. We use a gender decoder tool to ensure our job adverts are no longer masculine but instead ‘neutral’ or ‘feminine coded’. We ensure our interview panels are diverse and reflective of our workforce.    

Do you offer flexible working?

Yes, as a fully inclusive employer we look to support all such options. 

What else do you offer disabled employees?

As with all employees we offer training, development opportunities, employee network groups, mental health first aiders, employee assistance programme and mentoring.

Have you been recognised for inclusion?

We obtained the Disability Confident ‘Committed’ accreditation in 2020 and have started working towards the next level. 

Disability Confident Committed logo
Disability Confident Committed logo

In a nutshell, why would a disabled candidate choose to apply to Airwave Motorola?

We believe we have a lot to offer all our current and future employees so please test this out and let us know your experience. 

 To search for jobs at Airwave Motorola, click here

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