Spotlight on Talent – Rish P

Another example of the wonderful talent to be found on Evenbreak!

Introducing Rish P …

Head and shoulders image of Rish
Head and shoulder picture of Rish

To find out more about Rish, we asked him a few questions… 

What would be your dream role? 

I really like working as part of a team, collaborating with my colleagues, and helping my team achieve the company’s goals, so that’s what I’d like in my next role. I enjoy working in administration, business development and marketing. My ideal job title is Project, or Business Support Officer or Marketing Assistant/Analytics.  

What do people you’ve worked with or volunteered with say about you? 

They would say that I am reliable, approachable, easy going and committed. They know any task they give me will be done to a high standard. I always put in 100% at work and provide professional and high-quality support. 

What are you particularly proud of? 

I joined a company where I didn’t have a lot of business development experience, so once I got to learn the processes, people and company objectives, I really got into it, and was proud to win a lot of contracts with my employer. It put my employer in a great position. 

I’m also very proud of fulfilling one of my dreams, which was to travel abroad solo, despite being hard of hearing. It was an incredible experience – normally I travel with friends or family, but I thought, ‘I’ve got to do this – I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else’. I went to the US, India Barcelona and Dubai – and the initial three months turned into six months… it was great! I learnt so much, dealing with language barriers and succeeding in communicating with people despite the challenges of being hard of hearing. 

Can you tell us something not many people would know about you? 

I’ve got a photographic memory, which means I can remember everything I see. Even films I watched years ago with my father, I can still remember the actors – their names and faces. I like training my memory by solving jigsaw puzzles. 

What’s your disability? 

I was born hard of hearing, and wear small hearing aids in both ears. I can hear well though, especially face to face or on video calls. I can hear ok on the phone, though it is a bit more dependent on the other person’s voice being clear to me. 

Recent Professional Experience

Took time out to travel the world 

Bid Coordinator, KPMG 

Performed background checks on current and prospective clients identifying any potential risks prior to providing bespoke quality courses and programmes for civil servants nationally. 

Business Development Executive, Barnardo’s 

Provided comprehensive business development and administrative support to the Mental Health team.  

Supported the full bid process using project management tools from kick-off to submission.  

Project Administrator, Virgin Care  

Served as a key point of contact for post-completion of projects and responses to external information requests. 

Provided overall support for the Bid team, including assistance with bid production and presentations.  

Education and Professional Qualifications 

Web Analytics & Digital Analytics – Future Learn 

Customer Service, Marketing & Project Management Foundations – LinkedIn Learning 

Adobe InDesign CC – Media Training Ltd 

BA Hons Business Management, 2:2 – University of East London 

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