Spotlight on Talent – Vicky S

Another example of the wonderful talent to be found on Evenbreak!

Introducing Vicky S …

Head and shoulder picture of Vicky S

To find out more about Vicky, we asked her a few questions… 

What would be your dream role? 

My dream job would be editing for a publishing company – but I’d be happy with admin work, ideally in data entry. I’ve been working on a voluntary basis inputting statistics for a charity that provides counselling for victims of sexual assault here in Reading. Ideally I’d like to find work in Reading. 

What do people you’ve worked with or volunteered with say about you? 

If I’m panicking on the inside, it doesn’t show on the outside! To be honest, my solution to any kind of negative feelings is to get busy, get stuck in, and get the job done on time. I’m meticulous; I like to get it right. 

What are you particularly proud of? 

I’m proud of my published writing – especially my short story In a Strange Land which has been published both in the UK and Australia, and people loved it. I’m pleased that something I wrote has touched so many. From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to write, and I’m a member of a writers’ group that meets weekly, though unfortunately not in person now because of Covid restrictions. 

Can you tell us something not many people would know about you? 

I love tortoises, and though I can’t have one now as I live in a flat, I have quite a few ornaments, lots of books, and hundreds of tortoise pictures. I spent some time on tortoise research in the Galapagos Islands and I think that was probably the high point of my life. 

What’s your disability? 

I have an Acquired Brain Injury from an accident five years ago that’s caused some short-term memory loss and problems with concentration. 

Recent Professional Experience

Data management Specialist

June 2018 to present 

Sole Trader – Vicksen Freelance

May 2007 – September 2015 

Manuscript editing and author mentoring 

To find out more about Vicky S, email

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