Great Service for Inclusive Employers

At Evenbreak we are always looking out for new and innovative ways to remove barriers for disabled candidates and employees. I recently came across a fantastic service helping employers and recruiters to communicate easily with Deaf stakeholders, and asked their CEO, Sadaqat Ali, to tell us all about what they do. I’d like to share his response with you:

Being born deaf, I have experienced the challenges deaf people face in trying to gain access to education and job training.  Achieving that alongside my hearing peers required my ability to access and use essential deaf-specific support services.  And to be effective, they needed to do more than provide basic interpretation services.  Instead, they for real learning, and skill development to be achieved, interpreters must convey not only basic language meaning but also the various nuances and deeper meanings that are understood and communicated within hearing culture And as classrooms and workplaces are social environments, weaknesses in those services can place deaf people at risk of failing to integrate socially and professionally, thereby leaving them on the fringes of society.

Unfortunately, the now well-known incident of the phony sign language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial service is a common situation for many deaf people.  It was a tragic situation, but it only got noticed because it was on an international platform.  However, due to the vulnerability of deaf people, fraudsters commonly take advantage of them. 

For an employer, the prospect of seeing on paper that a job candidate is deaf creates the perception of there being a language barrier that is too costly and complex to resolve.  And when this perception is continually generated across job markets it magnifies the perception such that even the most educated and experienced deaf candidates are unfairly removed from the competitive process of gaining meaningful employment.

 It is this exact problem that Lingoing is targeting, to not only make high quality communication services with deaf people easy to access in the work place, but efficient for deaf people and their employers to arrange and source, thereby simplifying and demystifying the entire process.  In doing this, we are committed to making a key difference in the job success and upward mobility of deaf people, and ensuring that they receive only interpreters who are properly trained and qualified to serve them.

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