New Research on Mental Health in the Workplace

Totaljobs has recently conducted research around mental health in the workplace which showed that two thirds (67%) of UK workers would not feel comfortable discussing a mental health issue with their employer. Likewise, 1 in 3 employees still feel there is a workplace stigma attached to mental health issues, according to the research.

The research, which surveyed over 2,000 UK people, showed the factors stopping workers disclosing their mental health issues.

Top 5 reasons employees are reluctant to discuss a mental health issue with an employer:

32% – Feel there is a stigma attached to mental health issues
32% – Would be embarrassed to discuss the issues with their employer
35% – Feel it would make their employer feel negatively of them
23% – Feel it will impact their chances of progression
32% – Don’t think they will get the right support from their employer

Many people also don’t feel that their employer does enough to promote strong mental health in the workplace, despite their proven benefits.

Top 5 mental health and wellbeing services least likely to be offered by employers:

  1. Available outdoor space (89%)
  2. Gym memberships (free or discounted) (87%)
  3. Encouragement of regular breaks (85%)
  4. Staff surveys specifically to ensure employees are not struggling at work (85%)
  5. Flexible working hours (75%)

Totaljobs offer 5 ways to help a colleague who may have mental health issues at work:

  1. Encourage them to talk
  2. Encourage them to seek support from the workplace
  3. Avoid making assumptions
  4. Respect confidentiality
  5. Learn about mental health

See more here, along with a case study

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