Guest blog: Disabled Motorists’ Federation

disabled motorists federation's logoToday’s guest blog is about the Disabled Motorists’ Federation, and is written by its Vice President, Peter Lyne.

The Disabled Motorists Federation (DMF) continues to address an ever increasing and diverse range of issues on behalf of disabled people and those with long term medical conditions as well as attempting to be of assistance to the carers and families of such individuals.

It is important to realise that approximately 20% (i.e. about 12 million) of the UK’s population are affected by disability, consequently why it is essential to develop more inclusive societies so that disabled people can enjoy as equal as possible lifestyles as those experienced by non-disabled people. Most medically qualified practitioners would agree that it is of paramount importance to consider ways to improve existing levels of wellbeing encountered by disabled people.
Through the contacts received by the DMF from charitable and governmental establishments who attempt to provide appropriate solutions for disabled people, we are informed that it is not so much the medical conditions encountered by individuals (as in a lot of cases they have learned to deal with them), but it is the physical barriers to accessible lifestyles which represent the problems, despite the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Peter Lyne the non-disabled National Vice-President of the DMF (a totally voluntary role he has held for almost eight years) has become increasingly active in addressing relevant issues on behalf of disabled people. These are predominantly central and local government focussed and include relationships with the NHS, Department of Health, the Crown Prosecution Service (for which he serves as a member of the Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panel for the Merseyside Regional Office) and within the last month, he has now been invited to participate in several high profile medical/disability conferences at which issues relating to the development of social inclusion, equality and diversity will also be addressed. It is as a result of these many contacts that Peter was invited to write an exclusive and extensive editorial for three leading parliamentary and political publications.

The full editorial entitled ‘Striving For Inclusion’ can be found by accessing the links displayed within the text on the home page of the federation’s website

The DMF is the only charity world-wide to receive this publicity within the publications mentioned. Consequently, the federation is always keen to consider networking relationships with other charities, healthcare service providers, government departments and relevant commercial companies who would be willing to establish corporate relationships with the federation in the future.

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