Poll: Spend on targetted diversity recruitment activities

Diverse group of business people
Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Many organisations now understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, and recognise that attracting diverse talent takes a concerted effort. I was talking with Toni Harvey, from Evenbreak’s corporate sponsors, Network Rail, on this issue. We would be really interested to know what percentage of employers’ recruitment budget is spent on activities specifically aimed at attracting under-represented groups (whether women, men, people from ethnic minorities, LGBT people, disabled people and so on).

Recruitment activities could include things like advertising on spccialist job boards or in specialist/targetted magazines or journals, and could also include events hosted to attract particular groups.

So – any employers reading this, would you be prepared to share the approximate percentage of your overall recruitment budget which is spent on activities specifically attracting a diverse workforce?

If you are unhappy about divulging this information in public (I hope that’s not the case) perhaps you could email either Toni at Toni.Harvey@networkrail.co.uk or me at janeh@evenbreak.co.uk . We would be very grateful, and would respect confidentiality where that is required.

I can post in a future blog the average spend which came out of this research for those who may be interested.


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