Yes, I Really Do Hate Yo-Yos!

Yo-yo book cover



A departure from our usual blogs today. I came across a book with the above title, and bought it. I found it very powerful, and would recommend it both to those who would like to increase their understanding of mental health issues, and those who have been there and might be encouraged by it. Rather than talk about it myself, I’ll hand you over to Paula Peters, the author. The book is downloadable as an e-book for just a fiver here. Here is Paula’s story:


I started writing poetry in 1995 when I was in hospital. I loved writing, and always had a dream to write, but well, didn’t do anything about it until I was hospitalised with Depression. I was encouraged by my key worker in hospital to write my feelings down when I had problems talking to doctors and therapists, and a way of expressing myself was born.

It wasn’t until March 2012, that I wrote the poem Human Beings from my book “Yes I really do hate yo-yo’s”. I read a piece in one of the papers about how society gave a famous disabled person a lot of problems because she travelled on a train in her wheelchair so I wrote Human Beings in response to that. We are human beings, we many have disabilities but I am a strong believer that we are poeple first not a diagnosis. I am Paula not the labels I am stuck with.

In Febraury 2012 I finally decided to join Facebook after saying I never would. I first set up a page called For Disability Discriminaton to be Abolished and then started networking with people. I met fellow disability camapigners and got involved with Disabled People Agaisnt the Cuts (DPAC)

So back to the poetry. I posted on my facebook page Human Beings and people loved it. They said it sums a lot up for people with disabilites, get it out there, so I sent it in to my local mental health charity, Community Options and they loved it. They published it in thier magazine declared it their manifesto and gave me the name of Jason Pegler of Chipmunka Publishing which is a mental health publishing company – a way of getting the service user voice heard and passionate about mental health awareness and de-stigmastising mental health.

So I sent” Human Beings” to Jason Pegler who said he would love to consider publishing me, and I wrote a load more, submitted my mansucript and here I am with a book publsihed to the world to see – “Yes, I  Really Do Hate Yo Yo’s:  Living with the mood swings of cyclothymia and Rhuematoid Arthritis RA….

I have suffered from a mental health problem since I was a child, and have been hospitalised many times, and have attempted to take my own life many times. Depression is hell on earth, you cannot enjoy anything when so depressed, it is so awful and very, very disabling.

Why did I write?  Because I had suffered from terrible discrimination from friends and family and I hated the way the media portrayed people with disabilites in the press. I hate the press saying people with mental health problems are so dangerous when it simply isn’t true so I started writing.

I am passionate about raising awareness of disabilites, showing the world we are human beings, that we have families, friends, likes, dislikes, that we are every day people. I want to show that one in four of society goes to the doctor with a mental health problem and in today’s climate that will worsen.  In fact, depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness the GP will see.

Sharing our stories is a great way of raising awareness of our disabilites. I am a firm beleiver of doing that and adding to the de-stimgamtisation debate. To take the pain and sting and shame from mental illness.

I wanted to help people, if my book helps another person going through the hell of depression, admission in to a psychiatric unit, the shame, the loneliness and they get help my book would have done something. I care about people and that is one of the reasons I was compelled to write. If my poetry helps another human being with the hell of depression and they get support then I am glad.

I hope you enjoy my poetry and my book. It is hardhitting at times, but life is. I hope by sharing my story I will encourage other people to write and inspire others to share their amazing stories.


My understanding is that Paula is already working on her second book, and I wish her well with both.

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10 thoughts on “Yes, I Really Do Hate Yo-Yos!

  1. Having battled depression most of my adult life, I can honestly say that many doctors do not understand it and yet 89% of mental illnesses are curable with the correct treatment. People who know you suffer depression are often the worst, dismissing your suffering out of hand as it’s not as bad as theirs.

    I’m glad that your keyworker encouraged you with your writing and I hope your book sells well.


  2. I agree Sarah, the mental health services are pretty awful – mostly through lack of resources as well as understanding. Paula has been through the wringer with family and friends as well as the professionals – as you say, it’s not a competition, and it’s a shame we don’t just show more compassion and understanding.


  3. Mental illness is often hidden in the workplace and can have a huge impact on one’s life.

    Paula, congratulations on getting your book published and good luck with number 2!


  4. Your story is sad and heartening all at the same time, Paula; sad because of the discrimination you have faced and heartening because you seem to be taking control of your illnesses and not letting them totally ruin your life.

    And the facts that you have found comfort in writing – and are sharing your writing with others – are wonderful. I have had health issues of my own and writing about those helped get me through quite a lot, as well as helping others to deal with similar illnesses, so many congratulations.

    I can’t wait to read your book and wish you every success with it and its successor.

    Suze xx


  5. Congratulations, Paula. In my experience, writing is the easy bit, getting published is the difficult bit, and getting people to buy it is the hardest bit of all. But now you know your words are out there, you don’t know who’ll read it and what a difference you’ll make to their lives.


  6. Thank you all for you lovely comments, it inspires me and encourages me to keep going and keep writing, take care all paula peters.


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