Best Practice Case Studies: TXM Recruit

Today’s best practice case study is a look at a more strategic approach taken by TXM Recruit.

TXM Recruit has recognised the genuine commitment required to improve the diversity of our talent pool. We are continually looking to improve the professionalism of the business and our industry through best practise and innovative recruitment solutions.

Our Staff

Last year, our ambition wasto have a full team of disability confident consultants who were knowledgeable and passionate about delivering a positive recruitment experience. We began with a full training schedule including topics ranging from legal compliance to unconscious bias. We ran these training sessions over a year with additional top-ups to keep our consultants engaged. It has been important for us to ensure all levels of management have engaged with our diversity strategy and this has been communicated regularly to all staff.Our training schedule was completed in June this year with all staff.

Our Technology

We have invested heavily in updating our website to make it fully accessible and user friendly. We have included a toolbar for disabled candidates to change various settings on our site to make it easier to use. We also assessed our equal opportunities policy through the Clearkit and made changes to it to ensure that our wording would not deter candidates from applying. We are currently working on including a ‘Diversity’ page on our TXM World blog where we will publicise our activity with regards to Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Brand

It has been imperative to us to showcase TXM Recruit as a brand that is committed to diversity. We have contributed a guest blog for Evenbreak, an advert with disability magazine ‘PosAbility’, sponsored awards and spoken at events about our dedication to offering the very best service to our candidates.

We are also extremely keen to engage our clients in the work we are doing. Most recently we held a client dayat the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone and were delighted to welcome Dan Biddle to the event who having lost both legs and his left eye in an explosion delivered a humorous and thought provoking speech. Dan inspired our clients to take a broader view of disability in the workplace and focus on the talent, drive and determination that disabled people can contribute.

Our Candidates

We are fully confident that our approach of going ‘the extra mile’ has enhanced our brand and attracted a diverse candidate pool.  We have experienced an increase in candidates who have chosen to declare their disability month on month thus demonstrating our approach has enabled disabled candidates to feel comfortable in asking our consultants for the support they may need. To fully demonstrate this success we have launched our new diversity monitoring scheme to fully track our continued success in this field.


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