Best Practice Case Studies: Capita

This week’s best practice case study comes from Capita, and is told by Dan, a Capita employee, in his own words here:

My journey with Capita began whilst I was studying Financial Economics at University. In my 2nd year of study I undertook 6 week’s work experience with Capita in their Facilities Management department, during this time they became fully aware of my disability and my needs.

I have Muscular Dystrophy and am bound by a wheelchair, I require 24 hour support and  have a personal carer who assists me with all my day to day activity, including taking me to and from work.

Once I had left University in 2009, I was naturally very apprehensive about entering the workplace.  I had never had a job before and I wasn’t sure how my disability would affect my prospects.  I was therefore delighted when Capita contacted me again to make me aware of a vacancy which provided the opportunity to work from both at home and the office. This was perfect for me as it offered flexibility but I was also keen to be able to work around other people. I applied for the job and was interviewed just like everyone else and offered the role of FM Commercial Controller.

Capita, Access to Work and I toured my soon to be place of work in Birmingham and a full assessment was undertaken to evaluate my requirements. Capita worked with Access to Work to achieve the required adaptations. A lot of these were already in place and only automatic doors and modifications to the toilet including a fixed ceiling hoist were required to ensure the workplace was ready for my first day at work. Capita provide staff with a shuttle service between the train station and this particular office, as I was unable to access the shuttle, Access to Work provided funding towards a taxi from the station to the office.

This entire process took only one month to complete.

I was also offered a home working assessment but this wasn’t necessary as my home had already been adapted.

During my employment with Capita I have relocated to three different offices and each time Capita have undertaken a new assessment.  Just recently Capita together with the NHS fully funded a new wheelchair for me.

Capita have continually supported me over the last three years and the confidence this has given me has really helped me develop as a person, I feel as much a part of the team as any of my able bodied colleagues and Capita deserve a lot of credit for that.


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2 thoughts on “Best Practice Case Studies: Capita

  1. That’s brilliant, Dan – so pleased for you and so pleased that Capita realized and nurture the very real value of dedicated employees with disabilities, as you obviously are. You and Capita are lucky to have each other, and are shining examples to other companies and employees as to how well such arrangements can work.


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