Best Practice Case Studies: Asda (1)

One of the benefits of being “disability smart” is the ability to retain staff if they acquire a disability or their disability worsens. Here is an example of how that works in practice.

Richard, 36, has a learning disability. He is rightly proud of his 18 years’ service working as a car park attendant for the Asda superstore in Chapeltown, but a change in his health condition led to problems at work, including difficulty in concentrating. Sharing his determination that he should retain his job, Remploy worked closely with Richard and his bosses at ASDA to identify how they could be overcome.

Remploy’s specialist employment advisor Emma Lee takes up the story. “Richard’s track record is exemplary – he is popular with his colleagues and with ASDA’s customers and everybody knows he is capable of doing a first class job. However, emerging mental health issues meant he lost his focus and so inevitably his performance deteriorated. We investigated ways in which we could assist, and these included extensive discussions with his employer and his family and prompting Richard to seek medical support. Everybody was very positive, particularly ASDA, and as a result Richard is now back on track.”

Nathaniel Vaux, who is ASDA’s trading manager in Chapeltown, added: “We were all confident that, with the right help and encouragement Richard would, once again, achieve the high standards he sets himself, and our confidence in him has been rewarded. He is a valued member of our team and we were more than happy to invest our time and resources to ensure he stayed in the job he enjoys so much.”

Richard added, “I really want to do a good job – it’s what I take pride in. I have made many good friends over the year as a result of coming to work and I didn’t want to lose them nor my job. I’m just so glad everything can continue.”

‘Retention’ is one of the many employment services provided by Remploy. “Our aim is to help people stay in their jobs,” added Emma. “Sometimes the answers are relatively simple but, at other times, our response is to create a structure of support. In Richard’s case, we liaised with a number of people and we’re delighted to confirm the outcome has been very positive.”


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