Spotlight on Talent – Roy

The diversity of the talent of the Evenbreak candidates never fails to amaze me. There often seems to be quite a narrow view of disabled people (“they’re all in wheelchairs” – when in reality less than 8% of disabled people use wheelchairs, or “they are all looking for entry level jobs” – whereas in reality many of our candidates have at least one degree and many have experience in very senior positions). I thought it might be helpful to showcase the diversity and range of the wonderful candidates who register with Evenbreak, to try and dispel some of the negative and narrow stereptypes out there.

Here, for example, is Roy. Roy has 11 years paid experience of working with young people between the ages of 16 and 18, who are in the care of the local authority (residential care). The purpose of his role was to support young people in gaining independent living skills, done by tailoring and devising care plans with each individual which were on-going whilst they resided at the provision. Their care plans were reviewed on a regular basis in order to check the young person was gaining life skills and making the most of the service they were being provided with. Skills gained were holistic such as registering with local GP, dentist, optician and other health care professionals/services (e.g. counselling, advocacy), obtaining a free leisure pass in order to give them access to local leisure centres, budgeting their weekly allowance in order to manage service charges (rent), shopping from the local supermarket, learning to cook and keep their accommodation in good condition which complied with their tenancy agreement, accessing opportunities in relation to their education & employment needs, and attending and actively participating in  review meetings in order check all holistic needs are being addressed by young person and agencies.  

During his 11 years experience, Roy worked with the most challenging young people who were refereed to the provision. He was allocated as a key worker to a total of 14 young people, 7 of whom went on to live independently in the community. Whilst he was in paid employment he was also a carer for a family member. He also has experience of working with younger children (under 13 years old) as junior football team manger. 

His qualifications include: Introduction to Youth Work  (Tower Hamlets College), OCR Part Time Youth Worker Certificate (Barnet College), NOCN Level 1 Award in Skills Towards Enabling Progression (Step-UP) (QCF)  (Newham College) and a Junior Team Mangers Certificate from The Football Association (FA).

Roy’s particular skills and qualities include his interpersonal skills (being client centred) and working effectively with all stake holders (multi-agency working) and the service users he has had the privilege of working with have all evidenced outcomes which were acknowledged by external agencies and professionals. In addition, the services he has worked for have also benefited, changed and evolved to deliver a better service to the clients they are working with. 

Roy gets real job satisfaction from working with vulnerable people, seeing them gain skills and raise their self esteem and confidence in order to live happier lives. He sees himself primarily as a front line worker, and at the same time would like to work for a service that wants to support his career development.

Roy will be attractive to employers because he is committed in all he does, and receiving a pay packet is not his primary motivation. In pursuing his vocation, it has always been about supporting individuals in living happier and healthier lives and supporting employers in delivering and evolving their service to better meet their clients needs. He is about to start two volunteer roles for the NHS, one as a Teaching Assistant for young people experiencing mental health issues the other is a Meet and Greet role in the Specialist Substance Team and is very much looking forward to those roles – a paid role helping people would be icing on the cake!

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