Spotlight on Talent – Rosemary

Here is another in our series showbasing the range of talent available from Evenbreak candidates. 

Rosemary has had a good deal of secretarial experience, which also included working as a receptionist and first point of contact. She also also worked as a civil servant at her local jobcentre for quite a few years. In latter years her experience has been more of counsellor and therapist  and also helping in pre school nursery groups.

Rosemary’s skills and qualities are particularly noted as being very person-centred. She is a good communicator and great at putting people at their ease. She displays great empathy when needed and is a good listener. Keen to do her best, and is capable of working alone, but also enjoys working as a team. A loyal person who is keen to uphold standards and expectations and is not afraid of responsibility. She is not afraid to ask for help when necessary in order to maintain company standards. She has a healthy repect for authority and for those around her. Rosemary understands respect for confidentiality when needed, particularly within the counselling setting. Also a need not to show prejudice or be judgemental.

Rosemary is keen to pursue her experience in a therapist or counselling role or something similar. This could be in a wide range of settings, for example, hospitals and medical, or other settings where her skills could be employed.

Rosemary feels  that she has a lot to offer. She always gives of her best,  and is very conscientious.  She is always keen to improve and keep up to date with requirements of a company, and at times this has meant attendeding courses and improving skills. A loyal employee who always gives of her best.

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