Spotlight on Talent – Iva

Here is another in our “Spotlight on Talent” series, demonstrating the huge diversity of talent available at Evenbreak.

Iva is a Veterinary Surgeon, a Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London, who graduated in 2010. Her experience is as a Veterinarian on a poultry farm from 2010-2012. Before her graduation Iva was working as a manager of a poultry market 2008-2010. She also has experience in hospitality, having been a supervisor of housekeeping and also reception desk administrator at the “Hilton”, Columbia, USA 2002-2003.

Iva has excellent comunication skills, is easy-going, results-oriented, flexible, a team-player and self-disciplined. Her skills include time management, persistence, initiative, determination, and good attention to detail.

She is looking for a role perhaps connected with pharmacy, veterinary products, FSA, and also clinical research or maybe administrative work. She is responsible and reliable and would be an asset to the right employer.

Iva was in a car accident in 2006, which means she uses crutches to walk. She can drive a car. Her disability has made it hard to find job, but Iva feels that having gone through many experiences like other disabled people she sees life with different eyes , making her much more positive!

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