How Accessible is Britain? We need your help!


I’m always keen to help other social enterprises, especially those geared towards helping disabled people, and this is a great one! Stewart White runs “Accessible Britain”, and I’ll let him tell you all about it:


Welcome to Accessible Britain, a new and exciting organisation and website set up by disabled people for disabled people with one main aim….To provide a forum for disabled people to share positive experiences of all accessible places throughout the UK for the benefit of other disabled people ‘ to know before you go!’

Mission Statement:

“Our aim is to become the destination website for the disabled community as well as their carers and families in the UK seeking to read and share genuine positive experiential of locations, stations and experiences throughout the UK.

In time we hope to offer further services to the disabled and special needs community and to establish a brand which represents and serves this community, assisting them in making lives better and broadening horizons.”

We need your reviews and also skills!

To help develop this exciting new forum, we are looking for people to review any accessible place, hotel, holiday or extreme activity in Britain; for example a country park, a sports centre, a tandem skydive, UK holiday destination or even your favourite place to go for a coffee!

With your help we can all be better informed about the most accessible places to go throughout the UK.

Why not visit and get involved. Thank you.

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