Spotlight on Talent – Nigel

Here is another in a our series highlighting talented Evenbreak candidates:

Nigel has over ten years experience managing and developing Digital Communications solutions.

After developing an Intranet that eventually evolved into a Sharepoint 2007 deployment serving 2000+ employees, his most recent project was a secondment to the Department for International Development to establish an Enterprise Social Network, setting the metrics and objectives in response to a UK Government requirement to show how DFID was sharing best practice from all around the world in its successful aid programmes.

Nigel has a natural aptitude for getting the most out of such networks and platforms, his real skill lies in matching people and functions with the most appropriate technology. He has an Honours degree in Philosophy, the Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing, went to John Gillard’s highly innovative School of Communication Arts (Advertising and Design) and recently took the MOOC from Vanderbilt University in ‘Leading Strategic Innovation’ scoring 95.9% – a certificate with distinction (appropriately, his virtual syndicate’s project was studying online meetings – no one scored under 90%!).

He understands Sharepoint, Content Strategy, Social Media, Analytics and Metrics, and Internal Communications.

He’s looking for project based work giving clients Innovative Internal Communications solutions and is happy to work remotely.

Nigel would be an asset to any employer. He’s quick witted (regularly does the Independent quick crossword in under 12 minutes) He understands Diversity and Inclusion issues (Won an award for his work on accessibility in Digital Communications) and engaging – loves coming up with new solutions that empower people.

Please let us at Evenbreak know if you would like to know more about Nigel or any of our other 2,000 plus registered candidates!

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