A Happy, Inclusive New Year to Us All!

Evenbreak would like to wish all of our wonderful inclusive employers, and all of our amazingly talented candidates a very happy 2014! Happiness, for most disabled people, includes living in a society which is accessible and inclusive, and where disabled people enjoy the same rights, respect and choices as everyone else.

Here at Evenbreak we are doing all we can to promote inclusion and accessibility in the workplace, and we are very excited about our plans for 2014. Here are just a few:

  • We are joined by two more talented disabled employees to start the year off – Jane will be working with us on the marketing side, and Tirath on admin. They join Lewis, who does data entry, and me (another Jane), who does a bit of everything. With more talented hands to the deck, watch this space for exciting developments.
  • We are holding an exciting conference with some fantastic speakers in London on March 12th which will help enlightened employers pick up lots of ideas about how to make their organisations more inclusive and accessible and attractive to talented disabled candidates. More details to follow very soon.
  • We will be producing videos with information useful to employers, some including real case studies showcasing good practice around employing disabled people.
  • Whilst we are busy with these projects, as well as attracting more inclusive employers and more talented disabled candidates, we will continue to offer added value, such as our free webinars. For inclusive employers, these can be found here, and for candidates these can be found here. We also offer a free qualification to eligible candidates.

Our core service remains enabling inclusive employers to attract more talented disabled candidates through our specialist job board, and we are constantly engaging with more inclusive employers and talented disabled candidates.

We would like to wish all of our existing and potential customers – inclusive employers and disabled candidates alike – a very happy, inclusive, accessible and successful New Year!

To advertise jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/employers/

To find jobs on Evenbreak go here – http://www.evenbreak.co.uk/jobs/

To make a donation to Evenbreak go here – https://localgiving.com/charity/evenbreak

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