Disabled? Fancy Working in HR?

This post is aimed at disabled people who may be considering a career in Human Resources (HR):

Most people begin their careers with a visit to Human Resources and have occasion to visit the department for a variety of reasons throughout their time with a company. Having a career in Human Resource Management, or HR, allows an individual to spend most of their working days interacting with employees and assisting them, as well as promoting the success of the company through hiring and fostering the right talent. Working as a HR professional is not simply about liking people or being good at interacting with them. It is a serious career requiring specialized training and experience, as well as a range of skills and qualifications.

Careers in HR are open to all with suitable qualifications, including those whose physical abilities may be limited. For many people with disabilities, opportunities within a company may be limited or restricted because of their physical limitations. Human Resource departments, however, offer prospective employees with disabilities the chance to build and advance in a successful career using their skills and experience to full advantage.

What is Human Resource Management?

Simply put, Human Resource Management encompasses the entire process of managing a company’s most valuable resources, its employees. The HR department is charged with attracting new talent to the company; filtering out the best candidates and selecting those best suited to the company; providing continuing education opportunities and training for the company’s employees; supervising periodic assessments and conducting reviews, and rewarding employees. HR also provides oversight for the leadership of a company and monitors and guarantees compliance with labour laws and employment regulations. The HR department also functions as a liaison between a company and the representatives of the employees if the employees are unionized.

HR qualifications

While interpersonal skills and a degree of diplomacy are necessary to work in Human Resources, other education and skills are also needed to enter the field. In fact, continuing education and development enables a Human Resources employee to move forward in their career, advancing into higher levels in the department and assuming more responsible roles. The variety of different positions within the Human Resources field means that opportunities for individuals to find work that meshes well with their unique skills and expertise are extremely high. HR workers are also able to specialize in areas of HR, as well as seek out a job environment that works best for them.

Skills and qualifications that are necessary for succeeding in the Human Resources field begin with a solid education. An individual interested in a career in Human Resources can pursue a degree in the field at a number of colleges and universities, or they may prefer to pursue studies in business, education, human services or communication. Coursework options range from studies in business or public administration, labour-centric studies such as labour law, and courses such as psychology, sociology and political science.

Other types of personal qualifications that can increase success in an HR career include a working knowledge of computers and other information systems; excellent communication skills; interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills; and the ability to work well as part of a team. Successful HR employees also exhibit an ability to work well with a wide variety of people of different backgrounds, levels of education and experience.

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