Consultation on Accessibility – NHS England

Making health and social care information accessible

Launch of consultation on the draft accessible information standard

NHS England has committed to the development and implementation of a new ‘accessible information standard.’

The standard aims to establish a clear and consistent framework, and provide direction to the health and adult social care system, such that disabled patients, service users, carers and parents receive accessible information (such as correspondence in easy read, braille or via email) and communication support (such as a British Sign Language interpreter).

Following engagement activity to inform the development of the standard, a consultation has been launched. People with an interest in accessible information and those who will be required to implement the standard are invited to comment on the draft standard. This includes patients, service users and carers, health and care professionals and organisations, voluntary organisations, patient groups and communication professionals.

Please read the consultation document and tell us your views using our online survey, or visit our website to access information about the draft standard and the questions in an alternative format.

More information is available at

The consultation closes on 9th November 2014.

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