Don’t be a statistic: get successful and get a job

Today’s blog has been written by Boris Dzhingarov. These are his views and not necessarily the views of Evenbreak.

According to government figures, over 11 million people in the UK have a long term illness, impairment or disability, amounting to around 16 per cent of working age adults – and it’s impacting their standard of living.

19 per cent of families containing one disabled member suffer from relative income poverty. In employment terms, 46.3 per cent of working-age disabled people are in employment, compared to 76.4 per cent of working-age non-disabled people.

It’s easy to let these statistics dull your ambitions if you’re in a wheelchair or have some other form of disability.

But defeatism is the wrong attitude. It’s time for these figures to change, and for more disabled people to work in all areas of life.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few jobs that will require hard work to attain, but will increase your job satisfaction – and make sure you’re not part of that 46.3 per cent.

Child’s play – the serious way

Working with children is one of the most satisfying jobs you can undertake. According to the Telegraph, teaching is one of the most satisfying jobs in Britain. And breaking into one field of child studies allows you to move into a multitude of others.

Take clinical child psychology at university, for instance, and you’ll be able to bust into a range of different subjects. Teaching, cognitive therapy and many other paths are open to you.

The hyperactive nature of kids does, of course, make them a handful. But, whether you’re helping children overcome trauma, guiding differently-abled kids through life’s pitfalls or tutoring too-cool-for-school teenagers to get past their exams, the sense of achievement is palpable every day.

Office management

The office environment can range from the humdrum to the blisteringly quick, but it ultimately all takes place from behind a desk – and you can fast track your way into a top position with the right degree.

Courses for leadership and management exist at universities, and carry a lot of clout in a fast-paced business environment. When an employer looks at your CV, they want to see that you can cover every base. With a degree specifically in leadership, any boss worth their salt knows that you’ve got the chutzpah to call the shots.

Software development

A top job earning top green, software development is the reason why you’re so addicted to Angry Birds and why you’re phone doesn’t explode when you receive a text.

It’s a competitive industry, but a summit that can be surmounted with the right level of hard work. Find a basic programming language that suits you and build upon your knowledge over time. Try making a few different pieces of software – from basic games to operating system alterations – and soon you’ll be a C++ whizz kid.

Software companies are always on the hunt for new and exciting talent, and your latest gaming project could do the trick.

Build a folio of your strongest work (and be sure to keep it varied), send it to the right people and wait for your genius to be appreciated. You won’t regret it.

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