Training Recruitment Professionals

Attracting disabled candidates is a great start to achieving a more diverse and dynamic workforce, but the recruitment process has to be accessible and inclusive too.

A common barrier faced by disabled candidates is the lack of understanding around disability in the people involved in the recruitment process.

I was at a Disability Industry Recruitment Initiative (RIDI) event last week, and this subject was raised twice. First of all we heard from David Newborough, HR Director from E.ON . He told us about a programme called “Licence to Recruit”, where staff involved in the recruitment process receive training on aspects of inclusion and accessibility. All interviews are conducted with at least one person trained in these issues on the panel.

We then heard from Graeme Whippy MBE, Senior Disability Manager at Evenbreak client, Lloyds Banking Group. They have a similar programme, this time called “Licence to Hire”! It’s a similar programme to E.ON’s (in content as well as name) and equips recruitment staff with skills to address inclusion and accessibility during the recruitment process. All people who make hiring decisions must have attended this training. Lloyds have found that they have attracted 32% more disabled applicants since the training started.

The question employers need to ask themselves is how well-equipped are their recruitment staff when it comes to disability? I have heard some amusing and some quite horrific stories from our disabled candidates about how they have been treated during the recruitment process, particularly if they get as far as interview. Almost always this is due to embarrassment or ignorance (or both) on behalf of the recruiter. Both of these can be addressed through good training.

What is your organisation doing to ensure your recruitment process is fair?

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