How to Make it Easier when Interviewing Away

Going through the interview process is nerve wracking, stressful, tiring, etc… especially when you are unemployed. Add traveling on top of the other stressors and your interview just got a fair bit worse. Don’t panic though, there are many ways to make it easier, less stressful, and ultimately more successful when hunting that job. Here are three pointers we have to get you going in the right direction and add some confidence to your step.

Network, Network, Network

Start with the people closest to you: family, former classmates, old friends, etc. Try to see if you have any connections that live in your destination. If you do ask them everything you can about the area. Depending on how close you are to them and your schedule, ask if it is okay to come in a few days earlier than your interview to familiarize yourself with traffic, transportation, etc. If they say yes, you just saved yourself a lot of money!

Use the Internet

If you can’t physically go and investigate your interview destination, research the heck out of it online. You can probably find some message boards to help with public transportation and other suggestions. This is a great way to find out information before arriving. Ask questions and try to make some friends… you never know when you’ll need another friend.

Don’t Forget Anything

From booking a hotel to packing your phone charger, don’t forget anything! Yes, you can always stop at the shop and pick up a new toothbrush or portable charger, but these are stressors you don’t need. Get your hotel reservation well in advance from Travelodge to save some money. To save even more money, check out Groupon daily deals. Before you leave, lay everything you intend to pack out on the bed so you can visualize your things. Double or triple check everything so you don’t forget it. Make sure you have your clothes picked out, cleaned and pressed. When you get to the hotel, hang them immediately to prevent wrinkling… worst case scenario, iron them again. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to interviews!

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