Managing Cancer and Work

People living with or recovering from cancer face similar challenges in the workplace to those with other impairments or health conditions. At Evenbreak we find that many employers are confused about how to manage these situations.

There are over 750,000 people of working age (16 – 64) living with cancer in the UK. Many want to stay in or return to work, but without the right support can struggle to do so.

Thankfully, there is a social enterprise which can offer help and support to everyone involved at what can be a very uncertain and frightening time. Working With Cancer was set up by Barbara Wilson, a senior HR professional with personal experience of cancer. She recognised how important staying in, or returning to work is for many people with cancer.

Working With Cancer offers services and support to organisations, employees with cancer, working carers, charities and social enterprises.

Organisations may not know how best to support an employee who has been diagnosed with cancer. They can benefit from training and consultancy to ensure that all employees including managers are equipped, knowledgeable and confident to respond appropriately. Organisations can also source 121 coaching from Working With Cancer for those of their employees directly affected by cancer.

Working With Cancer also works with individuals who contact it privately, providing one-to-one coaching and advice for employees with cancer and their partner if required. This can be useful to people who are employed, self-employed or a carer who is combining work with caring for someone with cancer.

They also deliver workshops for cancer patients and survivors on how to manage work and cancer, return to work or find employment. These workshops are usually run in partnership with other well-known cancer charities.

If you are affected by cancer, as a worker, manager or someone wanting to return to work, please talk to the team at Working With Cancer for information on quality services delivered by professionals who have lived the experience of cancer.

For further information please contact: or visit the Working With Cancer website at

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