Spotlight on Talent – Neil

Returning to our popular “Spotlight on Talent” series, where we showcase a diverse range of talented Evenbreak candidates, today it’s the turn of Neil Barnfather MBE.

As a blind man, Neil’s greatest quality is his vision.
Neil Barnfather MBE has experience of forming and successfully growing and selling multiple businesses. He is a keen political commentator and an avid social entrepreneur.

Neil was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list (2014). He also received a Special Merit Award in the Serial Entrepreneur category of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (2013), is listed on the Power 100 (2014/15/16), and is currently ranked 10th in the business category on The List – Britain’s most influential and powerful disabled people as collated by DNS.

He is presently looking for a role to utilise his immense skills in strategy, stakeholder engagement and marketing.

Strategy – Neil has exercised a wealth of strategic development and implementation whilst overseeing each of his ventures, and within the organisations to whom he sold them: Cadbury, Klix, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Expedia, Orange S.A., AirBus, Boeing, Marks & Spencer and Sony, to name but a few. Within each role, Neil’s forward thinking “out-of-the-box” approach to strategy, permits him to execute programs to elicit the organisation’s desired commercial objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement – for Neil to succeed within the many arenas he has operated in (private/public corporate, political and charitable/third sector), he has had to nurture his ability to bring stakeholders of varying numbers together to positively influence their agendas. His easy-going approach, combined with a comprehensive command of the raw data, statistics and operational criteria, enable him to be an exceptionally talented negotiator, spokesperson and advocate. Neil believes firmly that his disability and the life-lessons this has taught him, allow him to carry out this role in a unique manner – which not only sets him apart from others, but makes him distinctive in his approach.

Marketing – Neil’s first love was always the sealing of a deal; making something happen based purely on the premise of supply and demand. His thorough understanding of marketing concepts and the realities of those mechanisms, coupled with his extensive corporate working knowledge and understanding, make him exceptionally well versed in all aspects of marketing.

If you have a senior/strategic role that would benefit from the remarkable vision that Neil would bring with him, please contact me (Jane) on No agency fees applicable.

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