Using SEO Services to Reach Disabled Candidates

One of the toughest aspects of recruiting candidates with disabilities is knowing where to find them in the first place. With the business benefits associated with employing disabled people, this is not only a challenge, but a necessity.

Rather than advertise through online job sites, or search through cold email, LinkedIn, colleague recommendations or more, there is a straightforward solution which will both allow recruiters to save valuable time, and is also highly effective – using SEO services in order to specifically target candidates with disabilities.

What is SEO?

SEO – or, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ – refers to information and content you find by typing in queries to a search engine, such as google. Everything you see on the first page is there due to careful research, and has been sprinkled with certain keywords (along other search-friendly terms and more), in order to make it the most relevant to the specific search which is being performed. It is notoriously difficult to know how to do this correctly, and is best left to the professionals if you’re looking to achieve positive results.

How Can SEO Services Help Me Recruit Candidates with Disabilities?

As mentioned above, knowing which keywords your ideal users – in this case, potential candidates with disabilities – will be using to make searches. Professional SEO services will help find your target audience, and then the types of queries they are typing into search engines, and any other related keywords or queries. Then, they will either optimise – rewrite or edit – your existing site content to include these keywords and other factors, or explain to you the types of content you should be writing in order to attract more of your target audience.

For example, if you’re looking to attract candidates with disabilities, one longtail keyword (a keyword which is actually a sentence) these people may be using would be ‘how to find a job if you have a disability’. SEO services would know how to capitalise on this, helping you to edit your content in order to include it. Then, the next time, and every time after, that longtail keyword was searched for, your content would be one of the first items to appear in the list.

Is My Business Suitable for SEO?

SEO is something which every type of business, employer and individual can use to help them be placed in front of the relevant people.

Whether you’re looking to recruit for a factory, retail, an office or more, SEO services can tailor your exact recruitment needs to reflect the type of candidate you’re searching for. For example, if you’re recruiting candidates with disabilities for your office, an SEO professional might find that keywords such as ‘find job in an office disabled’ and ‘office jobs for disabled people’ might be suitable terms to target.

SEO is incredibly adaptable to every type of business and need out there, and is astonishingly effective too – when done correctly. It will also save countless hours of trying to source candidates, allowing them to quite literally search for you, and get in touch.

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