Funding for Further Education and Self-Employment for Disabled People

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Often, disabled people suffer from the problem of discrimination. In fact, they can face major hurdles in getting an education and employment. In the UK, a person is disabled if one learns with difficulty, has mental or long term health conditions or is physically challenged.

Disabled people can request for financial support for higher education from the United Kingdom government.

Government Financing for Higher Education for Disabled People

A disabled person who wishes to pursue higher education in college or university may require funding to pay for tuition charges, up keeping expenses, and expenses related to disability. If you need to apply for funding get in touch with the relevant government agency.

  • England: Student Finance England
  • Wales: Student Finance Wales
  • Northern Ireland: Student Finance Northern Ireland
  • Scotland: Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Besides the main funding which the agency provides, one might also get a special support grant. Those who are entitled to disability allowances can qualify for this special grant.

Supported Applicant

In the case of dependent applicants, that means, those who depend on their parents for support, the government agency will consider the parent’s residue income before deciding on the loans and grants they will get.

Applying as an Independent

For those applying as independent students, parents’ income has no bearing on the request for funding. A student will apply as an independent if

  1. 25 years old or over at the commencement of the academic session for which you want funds
  2. Care for child/children when the academic term for which you want funding starts
  3. Married or in a civil relationship prior to the beginning of the academic session in which you want funds
  4. An orphan
  5. Funded yourself for at least 3 years prior to the beginning of the academic term you want funding


Government funding is for United Kingdom residents or those nominally living in the United Kingdom for 3 years prior to the beginning of the academic term for which they are requesting for funds. Besides, almost all full time courses offered by public institutions of higher learning qualify automatically.

Additional Agency Funding Specially for Disabled People

It could be the case that you need to pay for extra expenses because of your unique needs. Then, request the agency for additional financial support. The additional support is determined by the kind of funding you have and who provides it. Also, remember you need to prove you are entitled to receive the additional funds.

Those funded by the agencies can request for the Disability Students Allowance. This is a special support grant and you are not required to repay it. Moreover, the extra funds are provided according to one’s unique demands.

Self-employment for disabled people

There are various programmes established by the government, to deal with the issue of the isolation of disabled people. These initiatives include promoting employment, and especially self-employment. In fact, for some disabled people, this is the only option available. This is because they need flexible working conditions as a result of their impairment.

In fact, in the UK many disabled people favour the option of being self-employed. Yet, many people are ignorant about the rules designed to assist disabled people to become entrepreneurs. Besides, some people find the prospect of being self-employed scary.

Yet, it offers the right working conditions that accommodate one’s unique demands and is the best way to tap one’s skills and talents. Moreover, you control your time and calendar, and it can be very rewarding. Most noteworthy, those who choose to walk this path can be aided in their undertakings. There are organizations and government schemes that assist in starting and growing up a business venture.

UK government schemes and self employment organizations for the disabled

Disability Employment Advisers from Jobcentre Plus, can aid you to analyse self-employment and determine if it’s a viable solution. Besides, they may also assist you to reach the avenues of support and finance.

The New Enterprise Allowance: This is a government scheme and it could assist an enterprising person with sourcing funds and also with valuable advice through a mentor. It provides a weekly allowance. Also, it’s possible to obtain low cost realistic loans to boost you with the initial startup costs. Moreover, you have a mentor to guide you.

There is a criterion to be met before one can receive aid from the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. These include

1. Must be over 18 years of age

2. Have a business plan

3.  Receive any of the benefits mentioned below:

  1. You or your partner receive Jobseekers Allowance
  2. Income support, you are ailing or a single parent
  3. You or spouse receive Employment and Support Allowance

The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise Programme. This programme deals with disabled people from 18 to 30 years old. Also, one should have a workable business plan. In fact, the programme enables you to obtain start-up loans, business skills training, planning, and working capital. Moreover, it aids in locating a mentor to offer guidance and support in establishment and expansion of the business.

The Access to Work programme offers support in the form of equipment for impairment-related needs. Moreover, it offers worker and travel cost support for the disabled entrepreneur.

MiEnterprise is supported self-employment specialists. They assist disabled people to establish their own businesses.

 Self-employment benefits for disabled people in the United Kingdom

Disabled people are allowed to work and also claim some benefits, for example, Disabled Persons Tax Credit and Employment and Support Allowance. The Employment and Support Allowance permits the disabled to engage in some particular types of work including self-employment. The initiatives seek to empower you to be self reliant and also to encourage social integration.

Parting words

In the United Kingdom, disabled people can obtain funding from government to facilitate their higher education. In addition, those who are receiving funding from the agencies can also get a special grant. One qualifies for this special grant if one is entitled to disability allowances.

Also, there are various programmes established by the United Kingdom government, to deal with the problem of the discrimination against disabled people. The initiatives include promoting employment, and especially self-employment. The government schemes and self-employment organizations can enable disabled people to become entrepreneurs.

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